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First Fruits, God is Heart Broken – Walt


First Fruits, God is Heart Broken

April 22, 2021 11:08 PM


On July 5th 2020 In the morning while I was praying and my eyes were closed , I actually was looking where I was sitting , but my eyes again are closed , I noticed all of a sudden this Bright Red light come from my left side on a downward angle. The light was a single beam of light and sharp with a concentrated pinpoint beam if that makes sense. When it pierced my skin I could feel it, it got a little hot and pinched a little bit but really no pain. Now everything was becoming Dark , like a pitch black thick Dark, and when the beam of red light hit my arm it started to spread across my whole arm and body. It became all red than started to transform my arm to a bluish gold color and now it was like see thru. All that I can see was an outline of my being. I Than looked up, and I could see this Bright glorious heavenly light coming towards me , it was so bright and powerful that I had to open my physical real eyes because the light in the vision was to intense for my real eyes, they started to hurt.


On Saturday August 8-15-2020 early in the morning I was praying and this presence came over me, It was oh so peaceful, a peace I have never felt before, words at this point were spoken to me , The words were ” I will be back shortly for you, Keep doing what you are doing “ Than the feeling of peace left , which I never wanted it too leave, it was a peace where I want to be at again.

Hello and Good evening it is April 22, 2021 today I received this message after work and was told to put the message up immediately so I obey as best as I can.

My son put these words down many are not ready!!! if you think you are then you are mistaken. Many here my voice but do not obey, how Much clearer do my messengers have to be. Still my children play church and than go on sinning thinking they are saved by my son’s blood. Would a saved person commit murder, adultry , steal or just flat out lie for personal gain, Please ask yourself that question. Does one accept my son one minute than willfully sin afterwards without repentence. Did not my son Say “Repent the kingdom of haven is at hand” My word says it ,my true messengers say it , prophets, disciples teachers all proclaim it. Many follow doctrine of disbelief , relying on flesh to interpret my sacred words. My spirit Is the only way to truly interpret my holy word. Many think they know my word, but they will find out soon enough that they were wrong. The time has come for judgments to begin are you spiritually ready to meet your God? ,this will Be my final warning for true repentance heed these words. No matter how small a sin I want it profest to me. I want, desire, need a spotless body of my church for my son. My messengers send messages, my word does not come back to me void it has a purpose. Many listen but never take these words from my true messengers to heart.

My son my heart is at a point of no return, my words must be fulfilled, never the less if my people are ready or not . What will you say when you stand in front of your God on that day? Most of my true followers repent no matter what it is and try to stay on the corrected course. My true bride will have nothing on their wedding gowns. Time is short , I want nothing and I mean nothing to prevent you from being with me it is your choice , your soul is at stake.

My heart bleeds and grows tiresome, my hand has now completely been removed from you, America , you are a ship floating at sea without my protection.
The bear, grows tired of your acts of treason n treachery , soon the bear will retaliate with much violent force on many spots in The United States of America with New York City as one of the first targets. Satan’s capital city, The United Nations , much life will perish as well as innocent blood which many of my people have been instructed to pray for them. Including this messenger I have sent. Within a time, I have allocated , it will start , do you think you are safe ? You cannot hide ,from me, your One True God. My will, my purpose, will be done to Mystery Babylon. Read my words what happens to it, America . My time is being wasted on such disbelievers ,unrighteousness generation, I have repented so far from total destruction, But no more waiting. My only true Son has also become tiresome , heart broken n weary by this generation. Last chance America before you burn. This is my final wake up call, and it’s been a short season.
I wait no longer, The people that I have told that will be trained will be leaving very shortly, If you have not been told , than your not ready , if your not hearing trumpets your not ready and in disobedience to my voice. This is the final call the door on the ark is closing with not much room and patience left for this generation. Some of my bride will be with me some will return for my harvest some will be given a choice . Those who know me, will know what to say when asked, My son please keep doing what you are doing and give them the vision that you had while in prayer last summer as well as the words spoken to you. Soon on my time line ,not mans, will my son return to take his true church away. My first fruits , my heritage ,my young children will depart very soon , spend time with them you may not see them for awhile. Again let the spirit discern my words , let no man led you astray ,deceive you. Soon the sons n daughters of my kingdom will do many great and wonderful feats on earth. Time draws close don’t waste it on the world , I love all my creations, children and again some have strayed to the point of no, return to me. Repent ,repent ,repent ,time is down to the last seconds on my hour glass.

Well that’s the end of the message , much peace and Love to all of you.

Signed Walt the messenger God has sent

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