“Fires will consume this once great nation” Author Unknown

By Author Unknown

“The battle lines have been drawn. Where is My church? Many will find themselves on the wrong side of the battle lines, lulled into a false sense of security and complacency because they do not know in what hour they live. Many scoffers saying, ‘This is the same old scare tactics, Jesus is not returning that soon.’ Woe unto them, for they are fast asleep and will be cut asunder from My body, for if they loved Me they would be willing to die to self and give their all to Me.

Preparations will be made in the coming weeks and months ahead, for destruction is not far off. Do not be deceived and lulled asleep. Follow My Holy Spirit as He leads you ever and always, only to Jesus.

To My sleeping bride, I say, Arise! The door will be shut and you will knock and I will say unto you that I never knew you. Awake now! Arise now! There is no time to waste! The enemy is planning his assault on this nation even now, just as Satan is assaulting you through complacency and compromise. Stand in My armor, for without it you will fall. In the fires of persecution My body, My church, will be purified and strengthened.

Fires will consume this once great nation. Fervent heat will melt and consume. Your mighty sky scrapers will tumble and fall; your long bridges will shake and roll and crumble into the seas below. The fires will spread uncontrollably, fanned by an east wind by My hand, for it is the fires of My wrath against this hypocritical sinful nation. America is the kingdom of lies and deceit. Many thousands upon thousands will lose their lives in the fires and wake up to an eternal fiery torment. Instead of “one nation under God” you are “one nation given to pleasure”. I will use the fires to gather My people, purify My true body and unite a heart towards Me.

I have delayed and held back for so long the judgment on this nation and you have done worse and worse, growing colder against Me and indulging in all your lusts unbound. Your lustful ways will be the death of you, O inhabitant of the earth. Repent now, before I require your soul; whether it be from an earthquake, a fire, a terrorist attack, war on American soil (for it is almost here), a heart attack or a car wreck. I AM all merciful but you must come to Me. You cannot keep Me at arms distance and claim to know Me. You curse My name and continue doing everything you’ve always done. My blood sacrifice was not for you to indulge in, it is to cleanse you, change you and draw you closer. My Word is being blatantly ignored and disregarded. What about where I say, “If you love Me, keep My commandments”? Sadly, you don’t even know what is in My Word because you don’t feed on it but make endless excuses why you don’t read It.

America, your day of visitation is here. You will fall. You will collapse and be ravaged. Earthquakes will divide, Russia will destroy with China and a host of others against you; chaos on your streets, your own government deceiving you, and worst of all, so many churches claiming My name are fattening the complacency and deception making you ripe for the slaughter. There will be so much blood and death you will become hardened to a stone-faced casualness to it. Women will be raped while men turn away from helping because of fear. Children will be molested and killed because parents are not parents. Bombs will fall, invasion is coming and only My people in My Word under My Blood will be ready and be used to save and heal. I, Jesus Christ will be glorified through it all.” (6-6-17, morning)

Jun 9, 2017



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