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Fireballs / Giants that were as tall as the clouds – Sachell


Fireballs / Giants that were as tall as the clouds

July 25, 2020 11:07 AM

Hi my name is Sachell and this is my first time posting on this website. I read this website every day but it never occurred to me to send anything until now. This is about a dream and a vision I had but I can’t remember the dates. I will guess and say the 1st dream happened about 2 or 3 years ago. The vision happened recently, about a week ago.


In the dream I woke up in the house I still live in now, today. I was brushing my teeth and for some reason I went outside to stand on my porch. So as I’m brushing my teeth on the porch I see a gathering of people (mostly kids) across the street. Now mind you there’s a big open field across the street from my house. So everyone was just out enjoying themselves (some even playing sports) when all of a sudden I looked up and saw fireballs dropping out of the sky. It started far away but then it got closer. At this point people started screaming and running. I tried to go inside but I was locked out. As I started beating on my front door and ringing the bell some kids ran on the porch with me like they wanted to come in with me. Next thing you know my porch light caught on fire (I dont know how). The bulb even shattered to pieces afterwards. Then I woke up.

One night before bed I asked God to give me a vision, or a dream, or a sign of some sort about the future end times and the next morning HE gave me a vision. I was standing on a busy highway. People and traffic were everywhere. I was on the road part looking over the side railing at a big group of people just standing about in the grassy field on side of the highway. Next thing you know huge objects starting dropping out of the sky. I started yelling at them saying “see! I told yall! Its happening, I told yall it was coming! The people just looked at me like it didnt register. As they caught on they started running, trying to get away. ( I dont remember what was falling out of the sky just that it was huge) I also saw giants that were gray in color. They actually looked like statues. They were as tall as the clouds. Then I ended up in a car with people I didnt recognize. We were still on the highway. We were trying to get away. A huge truck toppled over right next to us and almost hit us but I happened to see it falling towards us so I was able to warn the driver and we sped up and got away, barely. Then I was woken up by my kids right afterwards.

All praises and honor to the Most High!!!
I pray for all my brothers and sisters through Christ, to endure to the end! I pray we will have faith to overcome all wickedness and attacks against us!


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