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Fire will awaken many – Krystal Beall

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Fire will awaken many

August 13, 2020
Krystal Beall

Much deception and many distractions fill the people and blanket the earth in this last hour. Lean not on your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge me. I AM leading you. I have gone before you. Never will I leave or forsake you. I AM with you always. My heart is lamenting. America is so DECEIVED. I speak plainly and not in parables.

America you have REJECTED me on your soil. I mourn for the way that I was REJECTED in America. Much has come to pass and is passing now. The hour of fulfilment has come. Oh America if you but knew the TRUTH you would mourn and wail. Just are you JESUS…Forgive us GOD would be the cry of this nation. It is not so. So many profess my name with their lips only. Their hearts far from me. I was disgracefully received in America. America you know not the major end time revelation of all things you hold. You are the cause of severe suffering for me. It is true, the whole earth has fallen away from me…Yes…yet America I AM sore grieved and vexed with most severely.

I have not blessed this nation (America) but cursed it. Violence fills America to overflowing. Murder and mayhem. Division. Discord. So many of you are focused on political faces and are DECEIVED. My kingdom is not of this world. Come out of the world. Come out. Friendship with the world is eminity with me. Oh generation…You can not fathom the destruction that has come to pass and is through the door. America hear me…YOU HAVE REJECTED ME. WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? HOW PLAINLY CAN I SAY IT TO YOU? Blind. Deaf. Hearts hard…as a stone. The love of many waxed is written..this is. Sin soaked and in deep darkness are you before me America.

Destruction is upon you. In thy midst. Reap what you have sown, destruction, death. I AM not for you America. I AM AGAINST you. To all whom love me, JESUS CHRIST, I hear your prayers. I wear and bear your suffering and pain. I know ye are weary. I AM on the throne. I AM allowing all this to be so. I was REJECTED in America and for that alone will I destroy the nation.

I AM FAITHFUL. I AM TRUE. I have prepared a place that where I AM ye may be also. Trust me. Trust me. I will reveal that you understood not. I have made all things new. A wedding banquet. A marriage supper. War and a wedding feast. I AM so grieved over America. I shall be vindicated in the destruction of this abomination. To all who are longing for me, rejoice I say to you. Rejoice. For I have prepared a table for thee in thy presence of your enemies. Your cup runs over. Oil of gladness.

Joy my faithful remant. I have heard your prayers. Your tears I have collected. The desires of your hearts I give thee. It is my pleasure and great joy to do so. Fear not my little flock for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. I shall show you my face to behold. I thirst. Look up my faithful. Watch. Rewards. Your labor for me is not in vain. Enough. Enough. Enough. Darkness thickens and deepens. It is I who AM doing this. I the LORD. Everything has changed. Is changing. It all changes. Move forward. Look ahead. Look up. Blow the trumpet. Visitation. The hour is now. Many deceived. Fire will awaken many. Many…blind, captive, Seiged and led to the slaughter. All whom have suffered for me. Rejoice. It is no more. Silence. Behold I AM Risen. Massive shaking. Fallen rocks. I AM come. Fear not little flock. Redeemed.


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