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Fire shall consume the nation from all sides – Krystal Beall

Fire shall consume the nation from all sides

April 21 2020
Krystal Beall

It is written. I have spoken. I have warned out of my great love and mercy. So few hear. So few listen. Many are blind. Deaf. Behold. Harken. How many have not, nor seek to. Blessed are all of you whom have. With you I AM well pleased. I know my own are weary. I hear your prayers. I listen. I have collected your tears. Beauty for ashes Beloveds. Trust me. Your labor for me is never in vain.

America. America. America. I have warned this most evil, profanely wicked nation whom REJECTED me that all nations that forget me ( GOD) are turned into hell. You are turned into you. You have been for some time now. Few notice. Few understand. How little I AM sought. Many profess me with their lips, yet their hearts are far from me. War America. War. Exactly that. War. You can not reject me and I not recompense you for that in full. Your enemies are among you. They watch and await my command.

Fire shall consume the nation from all sides. Fire from above. The north shall roar. From from below the south shall be moved. The East wind carries a flaming sword. The west coast is cut off by the flame. For many the fire has arrived. Hot it has been. Affliction. Sorrows. Lamentations. For many the fire is now sparked and shall spread consuming everything in it’s path. I AM AGAINST you America. I have turned my back to this nation. I have given it over to the slaughter. In one hour ye think not ye shall fall by the sword, causing terror in the man of the living.

For mighty and strong AM I in battle. I have made her waters deep and her rivers run like oil. Desolate and destitute where it was full. I have smitten all them that dwell therein. All. Then you will know that I AM the LORD.

Son of man…wail for the multitude of America, cast down to the nether parts of the earth, down to the pit. I have caused my terror in the land of the living. Thy land watered with blood..Yea even to the mountains and the rivers. The hearts of many people vexed. Destruction. A nation that has not known me. All the bright lights of heaven I have made dark. Covering heaven, yea the stars thereof dark. The son have I covered with a cloud. The moon giveth not her light. I have set darkness upon the land. Brandishing my sword before thee. Many people amazed. Horribly afraid. Trembling at every moment. Every man for his own life. Fallen. Struck down.

Woe to you America. You have REJECTED me. Ye have pierced my heart. Causing me to weep. Come now let us reason together was my lamentation. With much sorrow and many tears I have called thee. I have bled out in the nation. I too pierce your heart. Ye bleed out. Lamentations abounding. Sackcloth. Ash. Desolation. A great multitude in mourning. Oh America you have forsaken me. Ye have robbed me. Vengeance is mine. I will repay. My Faithful. Engraved upon my palm ye are.

I AM true. Fear not. Trust me. I AM leading you. I AM in the midst of thee. I shall save thee. I rejoice and sing over you with delight. My Faithful Rejoice. For in an instant all changes. The twinkling of an eye. I shall vindicate. I shall lay waste this abomination. I shall consume America..I shall be satisfied. I AM not mocked. Thou shall not steal. When thou taketh my most precious and highly forbidden fruit and seek to forbid me of my own fruit. Woe to you. Woe. Behold I come quickly. Keep watch. Look up. Behold. Revelation. DO NOT TOUCH MY FORBIDDEN FRUIT. AH BUT YE HAVE. Watch then. I AM not trampled underfoot. You discard and slay me as a the Lamb. Risen in the fire of Judah. I roar from Zion. Lion. Moved. The earth shakes. Men seek to flee. Ah but in vain.

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