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Message from the Lord delivered by Jezreel
May 5, 2021

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,

I just wanted to share a series of related words about FIRE and REPENTANCE the Lord has been laying on my heart after fasting and praying in the Spirit, going humbly before the Lord in prayer and worship in my secret place. These all happened recently but I don’t remember the dates.

1. While praying humbly on my face before the Lord in the Spirit, the Lord had me praying in tongues and suddenly the Holy Spirit revealed to me the interpretation of what I was speaking. He doesn’t usually give me the interpretation, but this day in an unknown language, I was repeating in a very urgent and chilling tone the words, “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!” The more I repeated the words, the more my Spirit was grieved. It felt like I was grieving for those who will experience this fiery judgement. But I also felt the Holy Spirit revealing that there are MANY meanings to this word. Ask Him out of obedience to reveal these to you. Thank you Lord.

2. One morning after waking up before the rest of my family the Lord lead me to bring my bible to the kitchen table and read the Word of God over breakfast to everyone. Out of obedience I sat down and started reading aloud to myself and continued as my family woke up and came down to eat. When I saw that no one was interested to listen despite the Lord asking me to read to them, and instead abandoned me and found other things to talk about and attend to besides listening to the word of God, my Spirit was saddened. I started to bow my head and pray for my loved ones quietly – for mercy from God for their sake and for the Lord to spare them before the judgements become too much for them to bear – however, my family started to make loud noises and mock and ignore me. At one point, I started to grieve before them but still no one paid attention or asked what was wrong. I tried not to bring too much attention to myself but my Spirit was getting stirred up more and more inside me. It started to feel like a fire was burning inside my chest that I couldn’t contain and the Lord started praying through me. I started praying in tongues and grieving even louder unintentionally before them but still no one heard or seemed to care or pay any attention. And then the Lord gave me the interpretation of the words I was speaking and I started to whisper in that same dire and chilling tone, “FIRE! FIRE FIRE!” This day, an intense spiritual battle broke out in my house as a result of what the Lord was using me to do out of obedience.

After I caught everyone’s attention the Lord spoke through me and released judgments on everyone in the house for mocking and scoffing the Lord God above. My father who is the one struggling the most in our household to lead the family in a godly way felt challenged by the Lord. In my Spirit, I felt him AND the demonic spirit(s) inside him begin to stir. (The Lord has shown me the demons within him in many dreams in many dreams, visions andand day-to-day life). We were face-to-face shouting at each other at the top of our lungs and at this point, I never raise my voice like this but I spoke in a voice I’ve never used in my entire life. I had everyone’s attention though no one knew what was happening. He yelled at me, “WHAT IS YOUR NAME?” to test if the Spirit inside me was truly from the Lord. And then the strangest thing happened because my human mind knew that if I could say “Jesus is Lord,” it would prove I had the Spirit of the Lord. But instead my tongue was overridden by the Lord. And I replied, “THE LORD!!!” At the time I felt so confused and defeated in my human mind unsure what was happening to me and why I wasn’t answering him the way I expected, but my mom was a witness to this event and later revealed to me that I answered that my name was THE LORD. I was completely shocked and amazed because in that moment I knew none of this was coming from me or my imagination and I was thankful that the Lord could use me in this way. This event was the most intense spiritual warfare I’ve ever experienced and I was literally a messenger of the Lord in real-time just like Jeremiah. The message from the Lord to my family and to all this day was very clear:






And that day before this all transpired, the Lord spoke to me through Jeremiah 17 and 18. I felt a holy rage consume me. I was grieved and shook so hard my hands trembled rapidly more than 6 inches back and forth. I was rocking, sweating, speaking in tongues, my eyes were so watery I couldn’t even see clearly what or who I was speaking to. It was tiring for a mortal because of His overwhelming power, boldness, strength and authority through Jesus Christ in me. And then after at least an hour, praying for peace and for joy and strength privately in the secret place, I was up smiling and thanking the Lord again and praising His name with joy.

The morning of this day and the night before, I prayed in the Spirit humbly before the Lord for His Spirit to be poured out on all flesh. And the Lord answers EVERY SINGLE PRAYER LEAD BY HIS HOLY SPIRIT. This was no exception.

Thank you Lord. Continue to use us as your vessels Father. I’m a sinner in need of saving but the Lord saved my life by sacrificing his own on the cross and he paid the price for me for forever and ever. I owe my life to him everyday and I’m so grateful to be used by him all for His Glory and His will be done, not mine, on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit! Thank you Heavenly Father!

3. This is the third or fourth message the Lord has spoken to me regarding “FIRE” and it’s spoken and grieved in a tone like someone who’s actively burning alive. This is a very heavy and disturbing warning but will hopefully shake one person at least to the point of repentance. This is a judgment coming you won’t want to experience firsthand and the only possibly way out is through a genuine belief in Jesus Christ, true repentance by the guidance of His Holy Spirit, and a confession that Jesus is Lord; that you’re a sinner in need of saving and that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, that no one can get to the Father except through him. Please take this warning extremely seriously. The Lord is not messing around. The time is so very short.

His message this day (the afternoon of May 5, 2021) was very concise. I was just fasting and spending time with the Lord in my secret place and suddenly during my daily reading in Jeremiah 17 and 18 again, I was struck with intense grieving and pain for the souls the Lord was/is currently speaking to through His Word. In my grieving, He released these words of knowledge to me. Please take this to the Holy Spirit for understanding.





4. On April 25, 2021, while grieving for His children, He lead me to write this message while I was in the Spirit. The Lord wrote:

I am coming.
Jesus is coming soon.
Come home NOW.
Listen, I am speaking.
I am the Alpha and the Omega.
No one knows me except those I reveal myself to through my son Jesus.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through HIM.
I love you my little ones.
Very soon I will collect you.
I AM the WAY.
I AM the LIFE.
Read my words little ones whom I cherish with all my heart.
There is power in my name.
Write this down.
Declare IT.



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