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Fire falls – Krystal Beall

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Fire falls

August 2, 2020
Krystal Beall

It is difficult and most painful to behold a nation that has rejected you. America my gaze is set as flint upon you. Firm and most stern is it. You not not the revelation of it all that causes me severe suffering and indignation. You will. I have called all men to repent. Deny yourself. Pick up your cross and follow me. As I look upon the earth in this last hour, as I look upon America, I AM sorrowful and angry by all I behold.

Few are they whom bring me joy. Few are they whom are walking in spirit and in truth. The narrow way is a deserted path and few walk with me. Blessed are all of you whom are here with me on the way of self denial and obedience. I AM with you always. Never will I leave or forsake you. I provide for my own. I AM ENOUGH. Your rewards are great. Great I tell you.

Woe to America. Again I say…Woe. The hour of gross darkness is here. Deception has blanketed the earth. Men’s hearts are as stone. Iniquity abounds and the love of many has waxed cold. Sin soaked, God rejecting nation whom has trampled me underfoot and cast me out into the potters field…Woe to you. The hour of my recompense has come unto you. You shall not escape… but endure. Your nation burns. Burns with sin and debauchery of all kind. You know not what you have done. You will. Even now the famine has come. Few notice.

To all whom love me I say unto you, Peace be still. Rejoice. The hour of my visitation and appearing has come. The hour of fire and glory. The hour of ascension and descension. I have raised and am raising many at this time. I have also lowered and abased, am lowering and abasing many at this time.

War is here America. War has come. War. Not peace. You shall be completely destroyed. You can not reject me and I not repay. I AM merciful, yet just. I AM so deeply, deeply grieved to have been rejected in America. Many have their eyes turned to another and are not watching where I so desire. Be not deceived for truly I tell you, repeating myself that America has rejected me.  The soil if America cries out to me for vindication. I have heard. I have listened. I have answered. If it seem to you I have a personal vendetta against America, I say to you, blessed are your eyes for they see and your ears for they hear… you are correct. I do. Why LORD, why? Why are you set as flint against America, to destroy this nation and leave her in ash and ruin? Have not all nations turned from you and forsaken you? I say to you whom ask this… It is so yet I have a personal fire kindled against America. Fire falls. From the north comes a most destructive for. From the south has entered an enemy as you have slept. In my destruction of America shall I be satisfied and see the travail of my soul.

Many have spoken that I have not sent. Seek me now. Seek me and live. Discern. Test the spirits. To all whom love me. The hour is now. Now is the moment. Now. Now. Now. Wake up oh sleeper. Arise. Shine. GLORY. GLORY. GLORY. Look up.

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