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Find Someone Who Needs A Best Friend

January 10, 2021 10:01 PM

21 July 2019

You are part of a generation, that didn’t prepare it’s heart,
Life is passing me by, if I could only have a new start.

Oh, the regrets I have, and wished, I didn’t tell that lie,
What if something happened, and I was about to die?

I’ve heard someone talk about Heaven, and I heard someone say, go to hell,
I don’t want to go to that awful place, I don’t know what to do, I can’t tell.

My old friends say, let’s party, let’s go out tonight and get drunk.
A new friend said he would pray for me, now, I’m starting to think the old, is just junk.

My old friends have all left me, my doubts and fears are beginning to cease,
My new friend tells me about Jesus, who loves me, and who is, the Prince of Peace!

He left His home in Heaven, and came to live with us on earth,
I’ve always wanted a new start in life, my friend said, I could have a New Birth!

I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I invited Jesus into my heart,
I feel so much love and peace now, and have finally made that new start!

Father, you surprised me, with this different message from you,
I was thinking about Heaven, and thanking you for my my precious wife too!

You said, You so loved the world, that you gave your only begotten Son,
That whosoever believes in Him, would have eternal life, yes, everyone!

Yes, Jesus gave His Life for all, that includes me and you,
He wants us to pray and to witness, and to do, all that we can do.

Always walk in love, and I’ll show you, how many lives you can touch,
There’s a whole host in Heaven, rooting for you, praying that you’ll win a bunch!

Reach out to others, with My Everlasting Good News,
We’ll walk together, in love, praying that not one, we will loose!

I desire that all men would come to Me, I AM not willing that any would perish,
I have blessed all nations and all people, whom I greatly love and cherish.

Do you realize now, there are multiple millions, who, are so lonely and lost,
You must reach out to them, no matter, or how much the cost!

They need a friend, and all of you, are My first choice,
Share My Life, My Love, and My Salvation, that all of them may rejoice!

As they accept Me, as their Savior, friend and Lord,
Teach them to pray, and to fight, with, My sharp, two edge sword.

They will learn, I AM their Creator, and there is no other,
I will be their Best Friend, who, will stick closer than a brother!

From Our Heavenly Father Yahuah and His Son, Jesus, Yahushua,
Who Loves The Lukewarm and Lost


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