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Finally My Brethren


There is coming a time where the enemy will attempt to block my saints from sharing My Truths among My flock. This will be a constant battle going forward, but I will make ways for My messages to continue to go forth. For those that seek My Truth, they will find it. My Children, each day you awaken, don My armor, and each night you rest your head, you must don My armor as well. Learn, My Children, what My armor represents, and be diligent daily in its application. The enemy sets out to destroy whom he may. My armor is your protection against his poisonous darts, and whatever evil that he plots against you. Pray, My Children, that you remain protected underneath the covering of My mighty wing. I bring you peace, wisdom, and knowledge, when you study My word and faithfully remain in prayer. Pray consciously and also pray in My Holy Spirit so that all things ahead might unfold within My will for you. Believe My truths. Believe that I want good things for you. My peace and My joy will surround you as you surrender to Me. I am knocking on the door of your heart. Open this door, and allow Me to enter. You are required to face nothing alone, as I promise you, My Children, that I will never leave or forsake you. My peace, peace in Me, is promised to those who are surrendered to Me. No fear will befall those that walk with Me by their side. The enemy wishes to do nothing but disrupt and bring chaos into the lives of My chosen. But My victory over him has already taken place. Many fail to recognize this victory in its fullness. They walk in self-reliance and continue in their struggles as I wait for them to surrender and to lay these struggles at the foot of the cross. My way is easy and My burden is light for those that trust in My finished work. Your life here is but a blink of an eye in My eternal kingdom, yet so many allow these struggles to overtake them. The faith of many of My Saints wanes for they battle in their own flesh against the darkness. You were not created to battle this darkness alone, relying on your flesh. I have freely sent My Holy Spirit, your Helper, the Ruach HaKodesh to fill you with overflowing. He is all that you need to contend with the darkness. He will direct your path within My will and keep you standing and fighting. You have both offensive and defensive weapons at your disposal. Use these weapons that I provide for you. If you are a new believer, learn My promises for you. If you have known Me for years, discover again the promises I have for you. Whatever the enemy plans in the darkness, My light is capable of shining through it. Nothing you face is insurmountable when I reside within your heart. My heart breaks for those that know no faith and continue in their struggles alone. Foolishness allows for these to struggle against the darkness with no chance and no hope of defeating it. Receive all that I have for you, My Children. Humble your hearts, surrender, and only then will My power be magnified within and through you. Conquer the darkness with My light within your heart. Yes, the battle is at its height, but no weapon formed against My own will prosper. Have faith in My protection over you, My Children. Stand firm in your faith as you wait upon Your Creator, for I will reconcile My creation unto Myself. My plan is perfect, My timing is perfect, and in this reconciliation My Children will also be restored to the perfection in which they were originally created. Let nothing of this world distract you. Let nothing and no one of this world become an idol. Keep your eyes set upon Me, and keep you hearts open to My will for you. You must call upon and recognize My Holy Spirit for through Him you will be made able to stand, through Him you will be made invincible, from Him you will receive and dwell in My peace, a peace that passes all of your fleshly understanding. Put on your armor and learn the promises that I have for you. These prescriptions are necessary for the days to come. For the darkness, and the lies, and the deceit of the enemy are rampant now. You must not rely on your flesh to do battle. You must be shielded by My armor. You must be conscious of all that I provide for you. You must come to the understanding of the vast expanse of My reach, and the limitless bounds of My love for you. Your Savior has laid claim to your heart and I will never let you go. I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’mashiach

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