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December 3, 2021 10:55 PM
Terri Hennessy

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, I just wanted to share an experience I recently had as well as a little testimony. Though, I strongly feel I’m not alone in this, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I feel I am truly in the very last stages of my transformation. It has been a very painful, daunting and heart wrenching time. Though I can now look back throughout my entire life and see that all I have been through has been to suffer with Jesus, these past 15 years of my life have probably been the most difficult and Jesus is worth everything I’ve been through. Just over the past few days, I have been going through the winepress of what I’ve heard some others are calling a ‘final separation’. This too is happening to me and it is a very painful and heartbreaking thing to go through. Many times I have felt like The Lord is pushing, squeezing, pressing and refining to see who will give up and walk away from their calling and who, even though the pain is excruciating, will remain faithful to Him and hold on to their calling. There have been many times, especially over this past year, where I wanted to give up, wanted to throw in the towel, because I truly believed I couldn’t take anymore. But Jesus never let me give up, I somehow always managed to feel and receive the grace He was giving me to keep going. Well by last night, I was really struggling and bawling and just couldn’t take anymore. He started to talk with me and asked me to just quiet my mind, and come and meet Him in our secret place. Our secret place is a beautiful garden, which over the years has grown and things have been added to it. It started with a pair of swings and at first, when I would meet Him there, I would see myself always as a little girl, around the age of 5 or 6 and He would be sitting on the swing next to mine and He would have His gaze fixed on me and smiling, we would laugh and talk. About a year ago, a bench was added and shortly after that, a beautiful lush grassy brook with clear still water was in front of the bench. Many times, we sat on this bench and sometimes, I would sing (in tongues) to Him to bring Him comfort, but more often He would be the one comforting me. We have grown close together in this place. About 6 months ago I had an incredible experience with Him in our secret garden. We were sitting on the bench together, I was a little girl again and He took my hand and led me over to the brook and we knelt down in the grass. He asked me to look into the water, and as I looked at my reflection, I could see that I was grown up, When I looked at myself again, I noticed my little white dress had turned into a beautiful wedding gown. At that moment, He gave me an understanding that I had ‘graduated’. We went back to the bench and suddenly, He placed this beautiful white golden crown on top of my head. It was truly one of the happiest, most incredible moments in my life because I felt like He was telling me I was ready.

So now back to last night, as I was really struggling again to hold on and not give up, I heard Him call out to me to meet Him in our secret place. I quieted my mind and immediately found myself sitting on the swings with Him, and again I was a little girl. I had asked Him why I was back to being a little girl again and He gave me the understanding that it was symbolic of a life of innocence, a life without pain, stress, fear or worry. He told me He wanted to take me somewhere. We got up from the swing, He took my hand and we headed into the big lush forest (another addition), next to the brook, exploring as we went. It was filled with butterflies, frogs, insects and all kinds of creatures. (I’m a big animal lover). I suddenly noticed I was holding onto a white balloon that was tied to a white ribbon. The next thing I see is Jesus walking on a cloud in the sky and I’m next to Him. He took my hand again and we shot up fast into the sky, (almost like the way Superman would take off) and in less than a second, we were in outer space. I saw all the planets, they were rotating. I saw so many stars and also saw a very large comet. I believe it’s comet Leonard. We stopped and just floated in space and I looked down and could see the surface of the earth; I could see dark blue where the oceans and waters were and could see green where the land was and white where the clouds were just above it. The earth looked beautiful. It looked lush and full. All of a sudden, coming up from underneath, as though the place it was coming from was the far side of the earth I couldn’t see, was already covered, I saw this black thick, tar-like looking tsunami wave beginning to cover the part of the earth I could see. It was thick and very black. Though Jesus didn’t give me an understanding of what it was, I believe it represented the darkness that is coming over the earth. And that was the end of my experience, as at this point, I lost focus and came right out of the vision. I want to share that I really struggled to stay with Him in this vision and I know it was because of the pain and anguish I was going through. My flesh, wanting me to focus more on my pain and self pity. This experience and it’s struggle really helped me to understand that this final exam for me is to overcome this painful ‘final separation’ and rise above it. I also believe and have for a very long time, that it’s in this darkness that we will be visited by Jesus and receive His anointing and where our new journey begins.

For those of you out there who know you are the Remnant, I just want to say to you to ‘hang on’ and you’re not alone. We will overcome every single thing Jesus needs us to overcome. Don’t give up, don’t throw in the towel. I also want to share that many times over the years, the Lord has had to remind me that the suffering we go through, is not just for the purpose of refining into perfect vessels unto honor, but it is also meant for the salvation of the lost. Our suffering bears fruit. The time of our transformation is upon us, I can feel it. I am praying for you every day. Stay strong and lean on God’s Grace. That’s what it’s for. Thanks for listening. God Bless you my brothers and sisters.


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