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Fiery Red Planet, I saw it and felt it

July 24, 2020 10:29 PM

Dream Oct. 31/Nov 1, 2017
I walked out of the front of my house and onto the sidewalk, it was a summer day, clear blue skies with a few puffy clouds. I looked to my right which is direct east, where the sun comes up and there is was, a very, very large mostly red planet with streaks of orange running through it, it looked fiery and gassy as if the surface were moving, it covered three quarters of the eastern sky. I was in shock, then I had an overwhelming sense to run and get to the house. I quickly whirled around to run and just as I was turning to the direction of the house, a sudden quiet came and everything got still, you know, like the calm before the storm. As I was running to the front door everything changed so quickly, the wind was unbelievable, not like I have ever experienced and just as quick as that came gravity started changing, as I got to the door and grabbed the knob, my body was in the air, parallel with the ground, for a lack of words I was literally doing a superman holding onto the door handle. I managed to get the door open and I saw my husband sitting in his recliner, the whole time I was trying to get to safety, I recall thinking that I needed to get to my husband to tell him what was happening. Dream ended.

This dream disturbed me so badly, it took weeks to semi get over because it was so real. It came to me out of the blue, as I never had even given such a thing a thought and had never heard of anyone speak of such a thing until the later part of 2018, I believe that was the first time I had heard of any huge planet out there and they referred to it as PlanetX, I really don’t even know that much about the solar system. It took a while for me to share this dream as I felt silly doing it because it is so bizarre. A few days ago, for the first time I set out to find out what I could and see if there was a planet out there that came close to what I saw. I didn’t have to search much because when I saw it, I knew, I SAW JUPITER, if what I saw wasn’t Jupiter, it sure looks just like it, it was identical with the exception that all pictures I’ve seen are not the color I saw, the color I saw was very bright fiery red with very bright orange running through it.

As always pray for truth, The Holy Spirit is truth and all the wisdom we need for these trying times.
God Bless you all.

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  1. Haidmaid of the Most High

    I definitely believe this is going to happen very soon. I believe you saw “Wormwood” which authorities are currently calling Nibiru and also Planet X. Those unfamiliar with Bible Prophecy, will find that this was foretold in the Bible in several books but most significantly as a Harbinger of the end of days in the Book of the Revelation to John..

    We have already experienced at least two close encounters with Asteroids this year. I was given word of one in May 2020 but it was not as intense as the one, we had just after on July the 6th. The “authorized message” from authorities was Sahara Desert wind was blowing across the Atlantic Ocean into the Northern America, but it was not! I didn’t know about this until I searched later. I remember its passing very clearly, it was very hot and around 9:30 PM EST, the air was very ‘thick’ when viewing and also to feel on the body and moved very fast and it was unlike I have EVER experienced. I asked a friend in the SW if he felt it and he remembered it too and approximately the same time that evening.

    The next wave is coming and it is expected to be far more serious is expected in September 2020 and “authorities” speaking anonymously to Steven Ben Nun say that the earth will again travel through this asteroid belt with greater possibilities of Asteroid impact (there was at least one this July in Nigeria I believe). We will then go through another pass this year in December (I think) and then in March/April 2021. Each pass will have greater severity. I believe we will experience the Asteroid you witnessed in one of the next passes.

  2. White bird

    Great description and detail you gave! Check this out if you have time

  3. Scripture alluding to Nibiru:

    Jeremiah 4:6-7: “Set up the standard toward Zion. Take refuge! Do not delay! For I will bring disaster from the NORTH [alludes to heaven – where Satan falls from], and great destruction. The lion has come up from his thicket, and the DESTROYER OF NATIONS [Nibiru = Satan’s abode] is on his way. He has gone forth from his place [cast out of heaven; Rev12:9] to make your land desolate” (emphasis and brackets mine). 😡 Nibiru (aka Planet X, Red Kachina) is Satan’s “grave” or the abode he’s cast out of when it swings around (Isaiah 14:19; Revelation 12:9).

    Here’s few other passages relating or alluding to Nibiru (Satan’s abode) and its companions (space objects, asteroids, meteorites, etc., = Satan’s minions/army rides to earth on):

    Jeremiah 4:13-16: “Behold, he shall come up like clouds, and his chariots like a whirlwind. . . proclaim against Jerusalem, that WATCHERS come from a far country.”

    Zechariah 9:8: “I will camp around My house because of the army, because of him who passes by and him who returns [orbits earth]. . .” (=Satan/riding Nibiru & his army/fallen angels riding 200M fireballs; Revelation 9:15-17.)

    Isaiah 54:6: “Behold, I have created the blacksmith who blows the coals in the fire,..; I have created the spoiler to destroy.” (Compare with Joel 2:1-11; Revelation 9:15-17).

    Revelation 9:1: “Then the fifth angel sounded: And I saw a star [Nibiru, Satan’s abode] fall from heaven to the earth.” (Compare Revelation ch9 w/Isaiah 14:9-27.)

    Revelation 9:15-17: “So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind. Now the number of the army of the horsemen was two hundred million; . . And thus I saw the horses in the vision: those who sat on them had breastplates of FIERY RED, HYACINTH BLUE, AND SULFUR YELLOW, and the heads of the horses [spirits/demons] were like heads of lions; and out of their mouths came FIRE, SMOKE, AND BRIMSTONE” (emphasis mine).

    Isaiah 24:19-20: “The earth is violently broken, the earth is split open, the earth is shaken exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall totter like a hut; . . . it will fall, and not rise.”

    Psalm 7:11-13: “God is a just judge, and God is angry with the wicked every day. If he does not turn back, He will sharpen His sword; He bends His bow and makes it ready. He also prepares for Himself instruments of death [Nibiru & Rev9:17’s 200million fireballs]; He makes His arrows into fiery shafts [CMEs, solar flares, filaments].” (Compare with Psalm 18; Isaiah 5:26-30; 10:3; ch’s 13, 24, 26; 54:16.)

    FMI, see my video #122) 1-page Trib Chart / Summary (update):

  4. The King’s Daughter

    You said the planet you saw was Jupiter. It is a red, huge, heavy, and gaseous planet with moving stripes. The planets all have some symbolism. Earth for example means mankind. The planet Saturn is symbolic of heaven with millions of objects circling the throne of God. The planet Jupiter is the largest and strongest, striped with blood and has a hole in its side. It moves in and out of Saturn’s orbit. It symbolizes Christ. He is coming to earth, coming to take his own with him. (Not as a physical planet, the planet is only the symbolism.) Many of us however are too busy watching tv to notice or care about the signs of his coming.
    The other planets have other symbolism, and I won’t go into all of those here, as I don’t remember every single one, but if you research, you can find it.

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