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Fiery Kickoff Prophecy TESTED & Revelation 17 Seven Kings NAMED

Nov 18, 2019
Texas Watchman


In recent times, there has been an increasing number of modern day prophetic voices warning of coming judgement on America. One of the more prominent — and detailed — prophecies, known as “The Fiery Kickoff Event”, is from Jeff Byerly. I think it would be foolish not to at least test these prophecies, because I think if we’re honest with ourselves, judgement on this nation is way overdue. As far as the seven kings are concerned, I normally suck at solving riddles, so I’m pretty sure this came from the Lord, and if that’s the case, He gets all the credit and praise. If not, then it’s on me, but at least I’ve performed my watchman duties as per Ezekiel 33:6: when I saw what I still believe are horrors coming upon this land, and sounded the alarm.

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Jeff’s prophecy of coming judgement on America (and that Obama will be the antichrist) is also corroborated by many, many other modern day prophets, here are just a few:……

Auto Transcript

Texas watchman Johnny here and this
video is entitled fiery kickoff prophecy
tested and revelation seventeen seven
named so in recent times there has been
an increasing number of modern-day
prophetic voices warning of common
judgment on America one of the more
prominent and detailed prophecies known
as the fiery kickoff event is from Jeff
Byerly and I think it would be foolish
not to at least test these prophecies
because I think if we are honest with
ourselves judgment on this nation is way
overdue as far as the Seven Kings are
concerned I normally suck at solving
riddles so I’m pretty sure this came
from the Lord and if that’s the case he
gets all the credit and praise if not
then it’s on me but at least I’ve
performed my watchman duties as pere
Ezekiel 33 6 when I saw what I still
believe are Horrors coming on this land
and sounded the alarm so I want to start
by addressing my cessationist brothers
and sisters out there I love you but
it’s time to re-examine this doctrine
for those not in the know cessationists
believe that the sign gifts of the
Spirit so that’s tongues prophecy
healing are not applicable to the modern
Church and they ceased when the New
Testament Canon closed the most popular
verse used to support this is 1st
Corinthians 13:8 which reads charity
never faileth but whether there be
prophecies they shall fail whether there
be tongues they shall cease whether they
be there be knowledge it shall vanish
away now this does indeed suggest that
the gift of prophecy will cease one day
however if we keep on reading just a
couple of verses we’re told in 1st
Corinthians 9 and 10 lat for we know in
part and we prophesy in part but when
that which is perfect is come then that
which is in part shall be done away so
let me ask you it has
that which is perfect come yet I don’t
think so whether you take that to mean
our personal glorification or Jesus
return that hasn’t happened yet so that
in fairs that the gift of prophecy has
not ceased yet if a witness to this to
this were required
we find it in Ephesians 4:11 213 which
reads and he gave some as apostles and
some as prophets and some as evangelists
and some as pastors and teachers for the
equipping of the Saints for the work of
service to the building up with the body
of Christ until we all attain to the
unity of the faith and of the knowledge
of the Son of God to a mature man to the
measure of the stature which belongs to
the fullness of Christ so again I ask
you this haven’t all attained the unity
of the faith have we all attained the
knowledge of the Son of God to a mature
man to the measure of the stature which
belongs to the fullness of Christ the
answer of course is no and indeed we
won’t until we’re glorified upon the
Lord’s return so that being the case it
stands to reason that there are still
prophets amongst us further Amos 3:7
tells us that surely the sovereign Lord
does nothing without revealing his plan
to his servants the prophets and first
placethe civilians v warns us do not
treat prophecies with contempt but test
them all hold on to what is good and
that’s the purpose of this video I want
it to be obedient to Scripture and test
Jeff’s prophecy against the Word of God
so if you’re unfamiliar with Jeff Jeff
Byerly’s prophecy or series of
prophecies about the fiery kickoff event
a very short summary it predicts that
there will be a fiery nuclear attack on
New York that will kick off the
Tribulation Period it will be a false
flag attack ten times worse than the
country has seen before Manhattan and
Trump Tower will be affected by the
attack economic collapse martial law war
and civil war will fall after the event
Donald Trump
taken away and Barack Hussein Obama will
return to power not by election and
Obama will then become the final
Antichrist and I highly recommend
watching all five parts of Jeff’s word
linked in the description or if you’re a
hardy watch the summary summary video
also linked down in the description
I believe it contains essential
information for at the end time charts
it’s not all doom and gloom either I
find some of it extremely encouraging as
a believer so find those links in the in
the description so Jeff’s prophecy of
coming judgment on America and the Obama
will be the Antichrist is also
corroborated by many many other
modern-day prophets here just a few
again linked in the description so
moving to revelation 17 which speaks of
a woman riding a beast with seven heads
and ten horns I know that the accepted
church teaching is that the woman is the
Catholic Church
there’s some great watchmen such as
Chris White have even made a great case
for the women being endtime Jerusalem
but my thesis is that it is New York so
please stick with me even if you don’t
agree on that as you may be interested
in what I’m going to say about Obama the
seven kings so like look at what
revelation 17 says about the woman 17 1
revelation 71 says that sits upon many
waters well New York obviously does
although it later says that this
symbolizes something else and we’ll
return to that revelation 17 2 says
kings of the earth have committed
fornication and the inhabitants of the
earth have been made drunk with the wine
of her fornication
so does New York export immorality to
the whole world 17 6 says woman drunken
with the blood of the scenes and with
the blood of the martyrs of Jesus so I
wonder does this refer to the USA or new
york-based UN doing nothing to prevent
Christian persecution around the world
and even being complicit in some cases
Jesus statement to the Pharisees in
Matthew 23 34 and 35 certainly seems to
set a precedent for America’s blood
guilt in God’s eyes if this is the case
and that reads this is why I am sending
you prophets sages and scribes some of
them you will kill and crucify and some
of them will you will flog in your
synagogues and hound from town to town
so all the righteous blood shed in the
earth will be charged to you from the
blood of the righteous abel to the blood
of zechariah son of bear a higher who
you murdered between the sanctuary and
the altar in revelation 17 15 says the
waters which thou sawest where the whore
where the whore sitteth are people’s and
multitudes and nations and tongues new
york is massively multicultural it was
reported in 2017 that there were more
languages spoken in the borough of
Queens than anywhere else in the world
1718 the the woman which thou sawest is
that great city which reigneth over the
kings of the earth so I’ll ask you to
New York have great influence over the
nations of the world is the United
Nations headquarters in New York of
course it is
so revelation 79th reads and hears the
mind which hath wisdom the seven heads
are seven mountains on which the woman
a city that six and seven Hills is one
of the main characteristics that have
made people in the past think of the
Vatican or Jerusalem but the Greek word
or or or II not sure how you pronounce
that can also mean Mountain and indeed
that’s how the KJV translates it Bible
scholars generally agree that mountains
symbolize kingdoms in the Bible this
certainly makes sense in this case
because in the very next verse it
mentions seven kings what would seven
have seven kings because the women New
York sits on all of these kingdoms these
can’t be different geographical kingdoms
instead their temporal kingdoms simply
different occasions that Kings have
ruled over that land America
in other words presidencies as in the
site John the Revelator obviously uses
the kept the term King because there was
no such thing as a present president in
his day but isn’t it interesting that we
now know that the u.s. presidents
essentially are Kings from the research
done by a twelve-year-old school kid who
discovered that all but one of the u.s.
presidents are part of the same royal
bloodline tracing his ancestry back to
King John of England who lived in the
13th century
so revelation 17 10 to 11 reads and
there are seven kings five are fallen
and one is and the other is not yet come
and when he cometh he must continue a
short space and the Beast that was and
is not even he is the eighth and is of
the seven and goeth into perdition so if
we assume for now that Jeff Byerly truly
heard from the Lord then Obama will be
the last king of America ie the eighth
and final king of the set he is also of
the seven because of course he has been
King before but who are the other Kings
well I’m gonna say that Trump is the
king who is fairest and reads five are
fallen that one is the five who are
fallen notice it says fallen not dead
are the five other US presidents who
were still living at the time at the
same time as Trump was president right
up until Bush senior died in 2018 there
were five past presidents living Jimmy
Carter George HW Bush Bill Clinton
George W Bush and a bana Obama we
include Obama here because he is of the
seven and he’s also of the five fallen
presents fun fact this was one of
only four periods in US history when
there where six presidents aligned at
the same time so that’s the five Trump
is the sixth but who’s the seventh well
we know that from Jeff’s prophecy Trump
will be taken away after or during the
kickoff event know no matter whether
that means by impeachment is that in the
news right just know by any chance or by
being killed or assassinated US law
states that the Vice President
automatically becomes president for the
remainder of the removed president’s
term this is why the seventh king would
only remain for a short space so
assuming he’s not replaced at any time
this is going to be Mike Pence who may
not even make it today in the back terms
president whether happens to be Trump’s
card in turn or a second term perhaps
due to public pressure or even a coup in
favor of Obama exactly how it goes down
remains to be seen but Obama will then
return to be the eighth and final king
I believe that Trump is being set up as
the fall guy on whom the destruction of
America will be blamed when of course it
is the fallen ones and the deep state
orchestrating it all along can we not
see this happening in front of our eyes
right now the media will say that
Manhattan was targeted in order to take
out Trump Trump Tower and it’s therefore
his fault just like after 9/11 the
country will go to war but as per Jeff’s
word from the Lord this time will suffer
a humiliating defeat because God no
longer will be fighting in our corner
and our long-deserved of judgment will
commence of course this will be Trump’s
fault too as will be the ensuing us and
then global financial collapse
orchestrated to clear the way for the
final mark of the beast’ financial
system and of course if it’s all Trump’s
fault then by association it’s also
Trump’s supporters fault
who’s that Christians and conservatives
of course and we will be persecuted like
for this was obviously foreshadowed by
Obama’s abuse of the IRS during his
first administration but that’ll be
child’s play compared to this time
around of course because the cunning cue
an akuna a psychological operation has
had the desired effect of equipping
conservatives and Patriots up into such
a pro Trump fervor such that they are
expecting the deep state including Obama
to be reined it up and placed it get
more executed these well-meaning but
deceived people are going to be more
than a little ticked off when instead
they receive Obama as their new
unelected ruler perfect conditions for
civil war anyone you might recall that a
certain gas on CNN recently stated that
Trump may be may be responsible for many
more million deaths than Hitler Stalin
and by where that’s the kind of
destruction that’s going to ensue and
Trump will be used as this key scapegoat
for all of it
revelation seventeen sixteen reads and
the ten horns which thou sawest upon the
Beast these shall hate the whore and
shall make her desolate and naked and
shall eat her flesh and burn her with
fire the ten horns are generally
accepted to be a ten nation
confederation that forms after the chaos
of the city of the six seals or could it
be rulers of the ten nations into which
the United Nations has already divided
the world in some of those papers either
way this would appear to dovetail with
Jeff Byerly’s prophecy as the Lord told
him that the attack would be a false
flag that is not perpetrated by the
claimed attacker but instead by forces
working against the u.s. from the inside
the deep state of you will the ten Kings
shall hate the whore and shall make her
desolate finally if I’m correct and the
woman is New York then the Bible agrees
that she’ll be burned with fire just as
Jeff Byerly prophesized and as an aside
many morbid modern-day prophets also
speak of New York being judged by a
giant tidal wave caused by some kind of
asteroid which again is consistent with
the Millstone judgment of
revelation 18 21 so in conclusion I
believe that Jeff’s prophecy passes the
test against Scripture but don’t take my
word for anything take this to the Holy
Spirit and ask him to confirm or deny it
for you I also know that this may be
hard for many Americans who love their
country to accept I love America too I
came here
the expansive legal way FYI after I am
after I married one of your daughters
and as of today we plan on going down
with the ship because I believe this is
where the Lord’s purpose would have us
but you must see that America is not
what she used to be an is sorely in need
of the chastisement coming her way from
the Lord he must judge wickedness
because he is just but also he desires
to wake up his sleeping church from its
slumber before an even worse fate
becomes of her and also to harvest many
more souls in the process for those not
in the USA you know the saying when
America sneezes the rest of the world
catches our cold if the global financial
financial crisis of 2008 was a sneeze
then what’s coming is full-blown
terminal pneumonia so don’t think you’ll
be able to escape this global war
financial collapse famine disease is all
prophesied in God’s Word and will come
to pass on the bright side and that’s an
if Jeff’s and does dozens of other
prophecies are true it also means that
Jesus is coming back very soon so once
again take this to Lord ask him how you
should prepare spirit rate spiritually
and physically for what’s coming and I
exhort you to get closer to the Lord now
and you have ever been in your life and
if you haven’t yet received Jesus Christ
as your Lord and Savior then I suggest
you do that right now because even if
you heat these warnings no amount of
physical preparation is going to get you
through what’s coming there’s assured
victory in Jesus but it’ll be hell
without him literally as Jesus promises
to believers in John 16:33 these things
I have spoken unto you
that in me you might have peace and in
the world ye shall have tribulation but
be of good cheer I have overcome the
you’ll find this study document linked
in the comments and links to Jeff’s
prophecies in the comments which I do
suggest you watch finally like share
subscribe and comment but please be
respectful otherwise your comment will
be deleted I know I can get on YouTube
god bless you all
Fiery Kickoff Prophecy TESTED & Revelation 17 Seven Kings NAMED

Nov 18, 2019


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