Fierce winds and storms are on the way – Ed W.

Ed W.

Aug 28, 2018

Fierce winds and storms are on the way. I am seeing many forms of winds that are like inland hurricanes and straight-line winds that move close to the gorund. The destructive force of these winds is unlike anything previously known in America.

These winds may affect other parts of the globe as well. Forecast models will fail to adequately desscribe the affect of the storms, especially ocean born hurricanes around the world.

Please take this to the Lord for confirmation, and know that the enemy has stepped up his attacks on the true warriors of Christ. We must stay under the blood of Christ and in the Word and prayer. Multitudes of attacks will be seen over the earth against Christians and innocents. Prepare in Spirit and physically, as best as possible. Main thing is Christ alone.

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  1. I wonder if this is related to Marty’s Dream of the coming storms.

  2. Ed W.


    The 2 revelations may be connected, since I saw winds and “inland” storms as well as sea. The fierceness of the storms seems to match. The forecasters being in turmoil is a mtach.


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