Dream, FEMA



January 15, 2021 2:00 PM
Amanda White

Dream | 9.5.20 @ 2:16 A.M.

I dreamt there was a website that contained the content of various levels of FEMA camps throughout the United States. There was totalitarianism brewing within America, and each level of camps contained various methods of extracting people from their homes based on each county per state. My son, Malachi, kept having dreams and visions as to which method pertained to each county within our state. Every single time before an extraction would occur, he was told by the Lord and the next day illustrated he was indeed correct.

One morning he woke up and showed us that we would be placed in the code gold. I remembered viewing the code gold page on the FEMA website, and thought that particular type of extraction was odd for our surroundings. The code contained a black gas mask. I knew we didn’t have much time to relocate, nor did we have gas masks available to use. I was communicating with other people who were analyzing our situation within the county, attempting to explain Malachi’s gift and how he was never wrong thus far. The time to act was now, and according to the website there wouldn’t be much of my state (CA) any longer. After this realization, I heard a loud ‘doomsday’ sound clip and woke up with the feeling this dream was important and to write it down for future reference.



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