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Felt the heat from the Asteroid – Tonya Becker

Felt the heat from the Asteroid

Tonya Becker


End Times Dream…it has been since February of 2018 since I had a dream…last night I had a dream…I was in this house and the temperature in the house was getting higher above normal…i saw the thermostat in the red and we were so alarmed by watching it get hotter and hotter!

I told them that it means an asteroid is going to hit and we were feeling the heat from it….then all of a sudden the asteroid hit and a large tsunami came and the water levels were high and we were floating down the river in the house…end of dream

It felt so real…I even remember watching dogs swimming in the water trying to survive!

Question does anyone know if the heat would really heat up homes etc if a meteor or asteroid was coming close to it

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