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Feed your mind with My WORD

April 16, 2022 2:10 AM
Brother Moses

April 16,2022

Open your mouth wide,and I will fill it. Psalm 81:10

Words from the Lord.

My son, Many are going to different places looking for what will satisfy their unsatisfied heart. Many think that having more money in the bank, giving themselves to more sensual preasures, Smoking and drinking more strong drinks can bring satisfaction to their heart. All these and more will only bring its victims to greater bondage and will never satisfy the longing heart of man.

I the Lord have set eternity in the heart of man and nothing in these life will ever fill or satisfy man’s heart, except I the creator of man. I have made man for my own preasure and every other preasures that man is chasing after will only lead to disappointment and regret. 10,000 worlds that are filled to the brim with the finest gold can never bring satisfaction to man’s heart. Only I the eternal God can satisfy the unsatisfied heart of man, for it is I that have placed such hunger for more in man so that man will seek after Me.

Many of My children are running to the world for answer to their problems. Many of those who claim that they belong to me are daily feeding their soul with poisenous food at the table of My enemy. My Children, come to Me so that I can fill your mouth (heart) with the good of My kingdom. Come let me fill you with My Spirit. Come and drink from the fountain of living water. Come and recieve eternal life from Me and eternal treasures.

Stop eating the poisenous food of the world, for it will never satisfy. It will only lead you to eternal destruction and separation from your God for all eternity which is more horrible than hell. The greatest torment of the lost souls in hell is the thought that they are forever separated from their creator!

I created you for relationship. Religious activites will never satisfy your longing heart. I am not in religion and can never be found there. I can only be found in RELATIONSHIP.  Stop feeding your mind with the deception of science and the lies of the mainstream media. Feed your mind with My WORD.

Let My love letter (Bible) that I have given to mankind be your favorite book. In reading and doing what it says you will have eternal life. Spend quality time in prayer. Oh how I love to hear your sweet voice in the secret place. I the Lord is coming very soon and only those who are in an intimate relationship with Me will be raptured safely to My kingdom of great glory and beauty beyound human imagination.

It grieves My heart that only very few are seeking Me in the intimate room. Partial relationship will never bring you to My kingdom.


<u>Coordinating Scriptures</u>

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Psalm 119:37
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Brother Moses


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