Fear Not – Patti Young

By Patti Young

March 20, 2018

The Lord said, “Have no fear of the unknown, of the days that are ahead. Did I not deliver mine own out of Egypt, into safety, into a land I had marked as my own?”

I have been before the Lord for about 5 days now concerning the future my family, and a lot of things regarding my loved ones. I have had a heavy heart and spirit. I Have been awake throughout the nights waiting on him at his feet, waiting for a word from him….today he spoke, several things he spoke to me about are personal, but it finally calmed my heart and gave me assurance of things I have questioned him about that I needed answers to. Then he gave this word, this is for all of us, because the future is unknown and its not a good future for mans kingdom, the end of this age…God has revealed this to many in dreams and visions and prophetically, but, he holds our future, all of us that are his are in the palm of his hand and we must trust him as he now carries us all forward into the unknown❤

Psalms 91


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