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Fear Not – Krystal Beall

Fear not

January 6, 2020
Krystal Beall

Fear not my little flock, all whom love and desire me. Arise. Stand. Look up. Behold I come quickly. My reward is with me. Do not doubt, but believe. Faith. Faith. Faith. Oh ye of little faith, why do ye doubt, why do ye fear? Why so downcast of soul are ye? (Such a light hearted tone did JESUS speak this, such love and joy in the LORD’S voice!!!)

I AM faithful. I AM TRUE. I AM the WAY. The TRUTH. The LIFE. I AM the RESURRECTION. Enter in my court with thanksgiving. Songs of loudest praise. Bless my Holy name. With thee am I. Never will I leave or forsake thee. I have prepared a place that where I AM ye may be also. My people. Oh My people what delight I take in thee. I rejoice over thee with singing. It is my pleasure to give you the kingdom. I have made all things new. I have healed. I have restored. I have resurreceted.

Do ye believe me? Do ye trust me? Do ye love me? I have loved you with an everlasting love, Yea with kindness have I drawn thee. For I know the thoughts I think towards you. Thoughts of peace and not evil to give you an expected end. A glorious beginning. An eternal unfolding. Life. To all whom are weary and heavy laden in this last hour, Come, Come, Come unto me. Come and enter into my rest. I have heard your prayers. I have collected your tears. I have listened. I have heard. I have answered.

I hear your cries for a most rebellious and wicked, stubborn hearted people whom mock you without cease. Whom refuse to harken to my words. ” They do not listen LORD, they will not listen, they do not believe, I am but a mockery unto them, yea even my own blood and those whom I call friends have become my enemies. I have received many wounds in the house of my friends.” How often do these words come up to my throne before me. How precious are the prayers and tears of my saints. How these souls whom I love, move me.

To all whom are feeling this pain I say unto you, Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for it is my pain. My tears and me in you whom is being rejected and dismissed. It is my life lived in you. You are mine. It is Me, whom they receive not. Blessed are ye!!! The narrow path ye are on, unto life that few find. I know ye are weary and heavy of heart. I know for many the wait has been long and most agonizingly difficult. As a woman in travail, pained to be delivered. Fearing that her pain and travail is for bought. Her own body has failed to bring forth her rewarded fruit. Aching to hold her love, her life unto her boosom. I AM YOUR DELIVERER. shall I not bring it forth? Shall I not do all that is written? All that I have spoken to pass? Yes, my word never returns unto me void.

Man and the earth are in deep, deep darkness in this final hour. Who do you suppose has done this? Has brought all this upon these most sinful and rebellious people. I have done this. I have brought this. I AM the LORD. America is a most wicked and profaned nation that has already fallen and is destroyed. A greater destruction am I bringing upon America. Even know as the nation sleeps are the enemies through the gate of America.

Yea America your enemies are among you. On your soil. I have opened the gate and lead them in. Poised they stand. They shall burn you with fire America. You have hated me oh fallen nation. Ye have rejected me. Ye are fallen mad. You look nothing like me. You look and sound unto me as sheol. You are a stench unto me America. I have warned and warned…Warned. I was rejected in America. Vengance is mine. I will repay.

Trust me my little flock. My faithful redeemed. Whom love me more than their own lives. Whom are following my lead. Wherever I send thee. Trust me. I AM with thee always. Never will I leave or forsake you. It is finished. Thy hour has come. Arise . Stand. My Glory is risen and rests upon thee. Oh fallen man. Ye know not what you do. Foolishness. Recompensed. Delivered. A white stone. A heart of flesh. A new name. All things new. My garden restored.


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