Fear NOT – Angela García

Fear NOT

April 12, 2022 11:15 PM
Angela García

I AM the everlasting love of your body, mind and soul ♥️ How Great

I AM the Great I AM ♥️

Rcv’d 4/2

Pray for discernment, understanding and revelation (Acts 2:17)

Pray that they seek and get under my covering, under the shadow of the almighty! AWAKEN my slumbered for what is to come your heart is not prepared. I give warning but will you listen and get under my covering? I take care of my own Psalm 91 everyday! Fear NOT my flock I do not give a spirit of fear but of peace of mind. Do you belong to the almighty?! Seek me now while I may be found with all your body, mind and soul on bended knee. Cleanse your heart and mind I will restore the soul! Abide my children I will abide in you! ♥️

Your Heavenly Father with an everlasting love

El Shaddai


Psalm 91

Isaiah 55:6-7

Jeremiah 29:13

John 15:4

Psalm 51:10

2 Timothy 1:7

Ezekiel 3:17

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