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Fear is Not of Me and Should Not Be of You

August 2, 2023 4:10 PM


Fear is an entrance door for the enemy to enter your soul. It is like an invitation, for demons, to enter you.

I Am not of fear and each of my children should stay as far from fear as possible. I Am will protect you, keep you safe and able to stay calm, if you count on me to do so.

Fear, on the other hand, will put the enemy in control. Demons feed off of fear. This is what they wait for (your carnal nature to take over). If you become fearful, rebuke the fear in my name (Jesus) and tell it must leave. Do not entertain the imagined “what if’s” or scenarios that may or may not happen. Look at your situation, straight in the face, and rebuke it in my name. I Am will protect you, you need not fear.

Most fear is a component of manufactured thoughts one has that are totally fabricated. When true fear is present, know I Am is much greater than any fear. I Am with you and can provide all protection, you will need. Stay calm, collected and use my name and blood to protect yourself. Just remember that fear is not of me and should not be of you!


When events, tragedies, occurrences start to envelope your planet, many will go into a catatonic fear that they have never encountered in the past. Remember, fear is the imagination going into hyperdrive. Do not fear what you see, you are far more capable of getting rid of all that your eyes see.

Rebuke in Jesus name, what you encounter, and it will flee. Know your power exceeds the enemies, when using my name, with faith and conviction.
Spiritual Warfare has not been taught in most of my churches. These are the skills you will need to get you through these difficult times. Learn to fight the enemy and put them in their place.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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