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Father, Forgive Them; for They Know Not What They Do – Holy Spirit Wind

Holy Spirit Wind

Father, Forgive Them; for They Know Not What They Do
Received 9-29 through 9-30-2017

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and confirmed a conversation that I had with a brother in Christ.
He told me that the entire body of Jesus Christ needs to “Get This”, meaning to gain understanding on this subject.

“When I allowed myself to be marred, bruised, battered and punched, beaten, whipped and spat on by men, I then hung on the cross and paid the price for all the sins of the world. I then said “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” This is what gave Me victory over sin and death. Then after My blood being shed, My suffering and the rejection of My Father, I drank from the cup of the wine of the wrath of Yahweh instead of taking that which would dull My physical senses from the soliders. I said “It is Finished” and I commited My Spirit to My Father as My Spirit left My flesh and blood body.
I forgave My murderers, My mockers and all of the men that hated Me and a few even received that forgiveness on that very day. By doing this, I disarmed principalities and powers,and I made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them because I forgave those men who killed My flesh and blood body. My love for men triumphed over all the power that the enemy could throw at Me. This same power; the power that raised Me from the dead, the Holy Spirit, is in all of those who know Me and have been transformed into a new creation by that same Spirit. You do not have the power in yourself to do this! The power comes from Me. I have overcome the world! I call you to overcome it too, by walking in the Spirit which follows the law of love.
My children, this is what you also must do, for the times that are coming even now upon your earth. You cannot fight fire with fire because then you play into the devil’s hands. If he can get you to act out of anger or fear he has you right where he wants you, but he has no defense against love and forgiveness. If the one who said, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay” did not take that vengeance but asked My Father to forgive these men; how much more should you also ask for forgiveness for those who plot against, hate and mean you harm? If you do good to those who hate you and despitefully use you, they will have no power over you. The water of my Holy Spirit will put out the fire of the enemy.
Satan will be so angry when he sees that he has nothing in you and nothing to accuse you of. For, yes, rightly so he is called the accuser of the brethren. He is the master of all litigators, lawyers and attorneys and he is the father of all lies. My Father is the Mighty, Righteous, All-knowing Judge who judges all things in accordance with His laws, which He does not break or even bend. When you forgive others wrongs against you Satan has no case against you and it is thrown out of My Fathers court. If you forgive others their sins against you, your sins will also be forgiven by Me. If you do not forgive others their sins against you, your sins will not be forgiven by Me.
You may ask, “Why is this important, we have known this. This is no new revelation.”
I tell you the truth, there are not many that walk in this way but it is imperative that you begin to now!
For the time of great trials and persecutions is at hand and you will overcome by the power of My blood and the word of your testimony.
The most important part of your testimony and proof of the love that My Spirit has put in you will be you saying,
”Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

Take this message before Me and ask Me to put this love in your heart.
Yahusha Hamashiach
Jesus Christ”

Author Jeff Byerly Posted on September 30, 2017

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