“Far too many are either sleeping or ignoring my messages and messengers” – Ed Amos

Word of the Lord Wed. May 18 2016 – Ed Amos

Son of man write: Are you convinced yet? I send my messengers and prophets out with messages and according to the messages, the spoken about events have either happened or are about to happen. Still among my people there are those who are asleep and refuse to listen or hear…. Far too many are either sleeping or ignoring my messages and messengers. Time for you is about up….The catastrophes and calamities are upon you….. Get yourselves ready…. Perilous times are about to happen starting with my house….The house of God (Elohim). Pull together as much as possible….open communications will become more difficult…. Remember my people I love you and desire no harm to come unto you….Come unto me for protection…..continue praying and loving one another through it all and be faithful until the end and your reward will be great…. Yahushua is coming for the faithful in him…..the pretenders, scoffers, mockers, doubters, and complainers will all be left behind….Prepare yourselves for he comes quickly and his reward is with him for those found in him to be worthy….continue to love and be loving and pray! Pray! Pray! Repent! Repent! Repent! I love you my children, I love you!
Abba Father Elohim


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