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far and wide for destruction cometh – Patti Young

far and wide for destruction cometh

Dec 28, 2019 1:13 PM
Patti Young

I will walk among my people, a Holy Nation, a Holy city unto me. I will be their God and these shall I call mine own. I come to deliver these from a nation that is unholy, not sanctified, polluted and dirty , filled
with their idolatry. These do not know me, these I shall destroy by my very coming. My very appearance is my glory my power my might. Who shall be able to stand on the day of my coming my appearance. For by my righteousness alone is my
brightness. Kings and nations and cíties will all be brought low, who shall be able to stand? ABHOR the things and works of this kingdom, for my kingdom alone will stand. Repentance has NOT been found
in the land even with the voices of my witnesses declaring repent, my kingdom comes. Now I say come out of her far and wide for destruction cometh by my hand alone to destroy all these things which
are not of me. Babylon oh Babylon your hour has come, thou hast not declared my righteousness nor my name and now your God of all eternity shall destroy you and let you sit in your ashes in your shame.

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  1. Crying in a desolate Wilderness

    To all,

    Read this word, and compare to the following chapters, because they refer to the same type of action of God. Note what happens to the VAST MAJORITY of the people.

    1) Exodus 19 and 20 – The Israelites at Mt. Sinai.

    2) Daniel 10 – Daniel sees the “Glorious Man”, then looks down and when he looks back up, sees one “like a son of man”.

    3) Acts 9 – Saul’s conversion on the Damascus road.

    Ask Him WHY He is giving us this warning???

    A brother.

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