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Famine Is At The Door – Timothy Frazier

Famine Is At The Door

June 5, 2020 8:25 PM
Timothy Frazier

Dream I received on April 27,2020

This dream started with me on a beach, during the day ( On a Dock ) & I got a call from a family member who then asked me what FOOD I wanted, so as I’m telling them all I wanted the Total of what I was telling them appeared in front of me all of a sudden. The price was Big & Clear for me to see, the Total ended up being $7.57

757 in Strongs Concordance means (To Rule,To Begin)

The Dream then went to it being dark outside & The Scenery changed, I then was walking towards my house. At the door was a Black Horse pacing back & forth eagerly to get in, The Black Horse in Revelations represents Famine. I walked up the steps and let the horse in, as I followed behind it into the house Another Black Horse was already Inside the house laying there. Then the dream ended


Two Black Horses Represents Double Portion Of Judgement/ Famine That’s Coming Soon. The Black Horse Of Famine Is Soon To Rule & The Ruling Of The Black Horse Is Soon To Begin. Famine Is At The Door


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