May 11, 2020 4:38PM
Asher B

Message received on 09/05/2020

Many are there of false prophets and false teachers leading my children astray. They shall suffer the recompense of the rewards that they have given to my children. Unless they repent, they shall in no wise enter into my kingdom. For they have led many astray and have caused many to be lost.

They have not taught the truth of my gospel or of my words. They have kept back from teaching my judgments. Instead they have taught for their own gain. Their greed has darkened their eyes and the light is almost extinguished. These ungodly men shall not enter into my kingdom, unless they repent.

Many shall not fully repent. They shall pay me lip service, but they will not come fully to me because they love the riches of this world more than the riches I have to offer.

Many have accumulated silver and gold, house and cars, planes and boats. Worldly goods, whilst my word, which they have locked up and not taught the people has been forgotten from their mouths. They have neglected to preach the words of compassion, to care for the poor, widows and orphans. Why? For their own gains to accumulate wealth.

They above all of the worldly will find it the hardest to relinquish their wealth. Even if they attempt to do so they shall behave as Ananias and Sapphira, holding back a portion for themselves.

These riches are ill gotten gains from my people, whom they have taken and from peddling my word. Moving away from the truth of my word, writing their own words, which I have not told them to do. Corrupting the minds of my children.

These shall receive condemnation in the degree to which they have condemned my children unless they repent and hand back all they have taken.

Many are incapable of this. Many are shepherds who have seen the light of this world and been led astray by the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Many were never my children and had never come to me and never knew me.

It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Almighty King. If kings of the earth are judges, how much more the Almighty King who created all.

These things ought not to be.

Now I will raise up my own shepherds, who will corral and bring in my sheep even my little ones.

My shepherds are holy, pure and true. My shepherds have been tested, tired, approved and sealed with the seal of the King. My shepherds are faultless, spotless even in my words, for the words they shall speak are spirit and truth.

The time has come for my shepherds to arise to give glory to their King and to go out into the field to gather my sheep, who are lost, broken, and maimed. My sheep shall be healed of all illnesses and diseases by my faithful and true shepherds.

My shepherds are now ready to do my work. The time that I have told my shepherds has now come. I do not delay.

Your Loving Father, Your King.



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