Falling Stars Dream – K A WILLIAMS

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Falling Stars Dream

MARCH 17 2024

Daughter of K & J Williams God’s USB Stick:
Video link of dream: https://k00.fr/bvsnkwns

The dream started with the younger one of my elder sisters and me watching my dad from my bedroom window working on my car in the driveway. My room was slightly different from how it actually is; in the dream, I had large, ceiling-to (almost) floor-length windows on my western and southern walls. It was about noon, and my dad was replacing parts in my car. Time had passed, and my sister and I were still watching my dad, but now it was about 3 or 4 pm. Instantaneously, time changed again, and the sun had set. We were looking out the south-facing window, talking about the stars in the sky and how they were actually angels and not “floating gas bubbles,” as we were taught. Suddenly, there were many falling stars in the sky. Thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands, were falling from the southeast towards the southwest. They were different warm and cool tones of colors: orange, blue, silver, pink, and more. My first thought was, “Huh, I did not hear about a meteor shower today.” The Lord then reminded me that these meteors, or falling stars as they are sometimes called, are actually evil angels, falling down from the firmament or being kicked out of Heaven. I immediately took out my phone, encouraged my sister to do the same, and started recording so I could show others, thinking, “Aha!
We’ve caught you now!” I was using my old phone, a 2017 Android, which allowed an SD card to be used for more storage. As I was recording, the falling stars grew in numbers, and they also started to show out the westfacing window. As the meteors fell, they broke off into many pieces, some continuing to fly across the sky, while others stopped or even did 180 degrees turn and started moving towards the eastern sky.

Then, the scene changed to a teenage boy and girl locked in a shed. There was loud banging on the door, windows, and walls while the kids were fretting about how to escape the situation. I was watching it as one would a movie, in 3rd person but also somehow inside the shed. I could not tell if the enemies outside were zombies or satan’s agents, and while I wanted to open the door to check, I knew that would let them in, even if I were not technically in the scene. Suddenly, I remembered the previous section of the dream and thought, “Oh Lord, the enemy is trying to distract me! Please get me back to the other dream.” I waited a few moments and then returned to my room, watching the meteor shower with my sister.

I wasted no time ending the video I was recording and left the room to see if anyone else was home. Somehow, I knew my dad had left, presumably to go to work, even though his shifts do not start at night. I checked my camera gallery as I walked out of the room and noticed several photos and videos had been corrupted due to the SD card I was using. I thought, “That satan is at it again…” And I prayed that God would let the remaining items be of use. I walked down the steps and noticed my mom on the couch. She was on her phone looking at the Nextdoor app. I ran up to her and said, “Mom, mom, look! The fallen angels are being kicked out of heaven again!” She brushed me off and continued to peruse her phone. I was shocked that she was not as concerned about the situation as I was. “You don’t understand, there’s so many of them!” I said as I tried to get her to watch the video. “In a minute.” She replied. Finally, when she finished reading the post she was on, she watched the video, and her reaction was immediate. “We have to let your dad know!” She said as she ran to the window to see for herself. At this point, my sister had come down the steps to join my mom and me, which signaled to me that the “storm” was over. “It’s not there anymore!” exclaimed my mom, “You just missed it.” My sister replied. We all sat back on the couch and were reviewing the videos to send to our family group chat as I awoke.

Watch the video for real 2024 fallen angel footage.

Genesis 1:16
Psalms 147:4
Job 9:9
Job 38:31-33
Matthew 24:29
Mark 13:25
Luke 21:26
Ephesians 6:12
Revelation 6:12-17

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