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Fallen angels (so-called “aliens”) coming soon: – Marcos

Fallen angels (so-called “aliens”) coming soon

January 22, 2021 4:47 PM

I was given two dreams on two consecutive nights on October of 2020. They were almost exactly of the same theme but one had some more details than the other.

Dream #1:

I was in the kitchen of a relative’s house located on the same road as my house (my house is located on a hill above the relative’s house). I was with my family and we were quickly stacking food in the drawers, as if storing food for some emergency. Then, I see this “alien” coming slowly through the front door. It walked very slowly, as slow as a slug. It was pink colored, disgusting, and had long extremities. These things were coming into every household (I don’t know if every house in the world or in my country, etc.). They would walk slowly towards one family member in every house they went in. I was aware in the spirit that months or possibly years were going by as they reached the family member (in other words, we were letting them in little by little, as years or months passed).

As this happened, I saw a vision in which I saw a house all fenced up, as if the family had fenced it up with everything they could so as to protect their house from these creatures. Somehow, one of them literally went through the homemade fence like it was a hologram. Then I went back to where I was in the house. The “alien” was coming for me. It was strange but we felt no fear; in fact most people felt them as friendly, not as a threat. When it reached me, and those whom the others reached, they would place their foreheads and touch that person in their forehead. This had two results, one of which happened to me:

1. Your body would become as one of them, but your soul would stay the same.

2. You would remain in human body, but you will have, “glassy eyes”, as some people described it. (you would look hypnotized).

We called them the “Glassy eyed people”. They would go and start randomly attacking everyone they saw. In my case, my body changed into that of those “aliens”, and my family got scared but I told them I was me. I tried to help them finish storing food and things, but I had difficulty because my hands had changed and I couldn’t grab anything. Anyways we went to one of the rooms and there were other family members. One of them prayed for me in the dream and my body went back to normal. We then went outside and my dad pointed out to me that there was a rifle on the ground. So I took it in a non-suspicious manner, because I knew that if others knew about it, there would be a fight to have that valuable gun to survive with. At the end of this dream, I realized that we couldn’t trust anyone because you didn’t know who was human and who wasn’t. END OF DREAM.

Dream #2:

I had this dream the night after the other. This dream was almost identical but with other details. I was with a group of hikers, with my family too; and we were going to some city. It was actually a town with one big, round, and tall building in the middle. I believe this city represents either a country or some specific place in the world, (I’m not sure). All I know is that I went to a kitchen and was standing in the middle of two strangers, who were minding their own business. I saw a piece of bread and some food on the kitchen table and I got an urge to store fast because “aliens” were coming to this city.

As I was storing, those guys looked at me like “what are you storing for?”, “it’s all fine”… things like that. (I’ve had many dreams in which we’re preparing for events and people just look at us like we’re crazy or just exaggerating; they mostly end up suffering from not preparing). I ignored them and started to stock as much food as I could into an abandoned room in the building.

As I hurried up and down the stairs, I saw images of old men in old tables writing prophecies given by God so they could prophecy to that city/town I was in. I saw like a sample of their writings. I was clear it wasn’t the Bible, but the Lord had given those men from many year ago, revelations of those beings that were to arrive one day in that city. I finished storing food in the room and I was going down stairs, when I saw a savage man, zombie looking man, coming slowly from the top floor. He started to jump on other people and try to bite them or something. I started to run down the spiral stairs of the building and quickly everybody was in chaos. People running everywhere.

Then nightfall came, and I was in a hallway with my dad. He and I stood low on the ground quietly as we saw those “aliens” walk around dead people, trying to search for other people. This time, I saw them in detail. They were blue this time, with the exact same body dimensions as the others, but these ones had their brains in front of their heads. They also had fangs or sharp teeth and claws. Then someone made sound and they came for us. First, they bit me and I turned (AGAIN) into one of them. But this time I started to attack my dad! It’s such a strange and horrible feeling because, as contrary to the other dream, I had no control over my body. My mind wanted not to attack, but something was controlling me. I saw myself attack but I said, no, no, no, I don’t want to do that! It reminds me of those people who have had experiences in which they are given the vaccine and they do things that they have no control over. It’s like being in prison inside yourself. As the dream progressed, I got rid of it the first time. I went inside a house with one single big room. My ENTIRE family was there sheltering. Then those creatures came running in and infected me, and others, and then I started to attack my brother. But then I stopped and the dream ended.


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