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Fall of all Democracies and Rise of the Oligarchy – Wine of God

Fall of all Democracies and Rise of the Oligarchy

June 19, 2020 1:57 PM
Wine of God

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Atlanta Georgia more in the countryside thank God it is June 19th and chaos has erupted we have police not calling it to work but Anarchy out there Oh will this continue well let’s see what the Lord has to say so before I give you what thenLord released to me on June 12th that I’m just getting to you now I’m gonna give you a couple definitions revenant if you look it up it says

someone who returns after a long absence number onebor number two a supernatural being that
returns from the dead such as a zombie or ghost probably gonna go with number two on this one like a demon all right oligarchy means governed by the few

so here it goes this is what the Lord said

it is time for all democracies to fail
for the revenant shall arise so this is
not just America that’s what I’m askin
about it’s America no this is all
democracies and the revenant shall rise
and let me tell you about this revenant

I had a vision and I’m standing there
and I can see it and it’s almost like I
was in this graveyard and I could just
see these tiny like black spirits hello
look baby this size or so and they were
just tons of them and they were just
rising up out of the earth massive
amounts like dark dark shadows
everywhere so just this stuff is being
released the power of democracy is
failing for I have unleashed the powers
of hell say this word to all the nations
the revenant is arising out of the earth
the unleashing of the darkness has come
the great I am speaks all democracies
shall fail it is my decision for the
Beast is arising the democracies are
failing all around you all things shall
come to pass as they are written in
Scripture the power of the oligarchy
is Rosina the power of the oligarchy is
great the oligarchy is rising up in
power now and they shall rule the
nations of the world the time of trouble
will rupture this nation into the great
oligarchy they shall have power for a
time so if you listen to this with a
oligarchy what I can surmise this is is
this as part of the Beast that is in
Daniel which is the Antichrist the
Antichrist system he talks about a beast
that rises up out of the earth with ten
horns initially and I believe that
there’s a possibility that that could be
the oligarchy that the Lord is speaking
about and that must rise up these
democracies have to fail so this
oligarchy is power of 10 10 10 powers is
gonna rise up and rule the nations of
the world and from that I think it says
that one small one will start rising up
and will subdue three of them and that’s
the really head head Antichrist you know
the single one we’re talking about but
obviously before that happens we gotta
have this 10 horns the oligarchy rise up
so let’s watch and see I am not thinking
things are gonna get better maybe we’ll
get a little break before something else
happens maybe not but trust in the Lord
purify me in new ways calling me stay
away from TV shows you know certain TV
shows and books you know things that I I
was compromising on you know my clothing
didn’t even realize I was compromising
God wants us to to bring us to a new
level of holiness so walk with Jesus
I’ll be with you next time bye

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