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Nov 18, 2019, 1:36 AM

I was seeking the Lord last night and about 12:22 a.m. I heard in my spirit ‘Fall in Love with Me’.
The following message I’m sharing was given earlier on 11.5.2019

Daughter I desire that you spend time with Me so that you can KNOW Me more. My ways are NOT your ways, My thoughts are NOT your thoughts. Yet I yearn to be understood, to be loved as you desire and wish for the same. I AM NO DIFFERENT in that. I DESIRE your full attention. I am NOT pleased when the distractions of your life take you away from Me, for I yearn to be loved by My own.

As a father loves a child , SO HAVE I LOVED YOU My children. You are the apple of My eye, especially the little ones who seek me, they are so precious to me. They want to know who I am and I am eager to show them, to reveal myself to these little ones. Do NOT turn them away from Me, for My Kingdom is made up of many of these!

I yearn My children for you to SEEK ME OUT in the same way – with open eyed wonder and curiosity. For I am not so far removed from you that you cannot reach Me. Call out to Me! Cry out when the burdens of life become too much! That is where I lose many, for they FAIL TO SEEK ME OUT and CALL UPON MY NAME! Instead they turn into their own despair and heed the voice of another. Fear not, for I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS! But there is no denying there are dark days ahead.

Destruction comes upon this land and because many were unawares, they were taken. And those who were left behind were ill prepared for the onslaught. For I have called out with warnings – warning after warning! My prophets have stood before you and told you what I have warned of. But many failed to hear the warnings – the dire warnings which in My generous mercy I have given. But there will come a time when I will put all this to an end and many will wish they had heeded the warnings.

Right now, life goes on, business to tend to, things to take care of. When that day comes there will be SURPRISE – many will cry out and wonder at what is happening all around them! In those days I will raise up My bride to be a light to the world. She will lead many back to the fold and I will gather them unto Myself and they will be Mine. None shall take them from me.

The Harvest comes – bringing much devastation and judgment also on earth and upon this country, America! Seek Me and you will find Me! Search for Me and I will be there! I wait for those who draw near to Me for I take care of My own. I know My sheep and they know Me.

Your Savior,
The One Who SAVES


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