Fall in love with Me again… – Jenna Eyler

Jenna Eyler

Saturday November 17, 2018

There was a word given… it concerns those whom loved The LORD… but, they have let other things become their gaze… this is what I heard…

Fall in love with Me again…

When did I leave You?

When you looked more to “what” is to come then to Me to come… there must be balance… your works or Mine, says The LORD. As you robe yourself each morning so to put on My Robe of Righteousness.

Scripture was Isaiah 61; particularly 61: 10

Then I heard this…

Jenna look at Me! I AM no longer the slaughtered Lamb; but, I AM alive forevermore! I AM The Lamb BUT I AM The Lion… your sins are forgiven… NOW! Look to victory- For I AM Victorious! I AM about to roar!!!

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