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Fake USA Border Police/Army War to Manipulate Us – Immanuel Acree

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Fake USA Border Police/Army War to Manipulate Us

February 2, 2023 11:50 AM
Immanuel Acree

This dream is so bizarre and I can’t shake the conviction that it must be from God. In the past I have discovered that dreams like this should be shared and sometimes other people have the key. I am not from nor have I ever wanted to be around the northwestern USA where this dream took place. Here is how it went:

I am getting a job with police. Everything seems normal until I listen to a seasoned veteran of a northern border dispute with a strange faction of what must be Canadians. I am shocked to learn that US police are morphed into the Army dressing in full combat gear and patrolling into an undeclared war and combat zone at the border. Even more shocking is that nobody knows about this tiny war except people like me who get pulled into it. So here I am expecting to have a regular civilian police job in what appears to be Washington state, but the veteran of this tiny war shatters that: he explains to me in condescending language that I can expect to get tested in every way as we go to the border.

Now they hand out rifles. Ours have an impressive style to them like special forces M4s with silencers. But something is odd. The muzzle of the silencer has a very strange look and reminds of something that has been duct taped. No further inspection of the weapons; we are soon marching.

At the first structure we encounter in the disputed combat zone, there is a walled compound like a depot or gas station. We begin to enter this silent and empty compound to search it but a trap is then sprung. The short story version is that we are overwhelmed, and I notice that my weapon is not shooting bullets. Our guns have been modified and are useless. The enemy are a huge crowd of extremely odd people not wearing any combat gear and I think they had on red clothes. Not fancy uniforms or fatigues but just plain simple outfits. They also had a “test tube baby” or clone or brainwashed kind of impression. As they surround me at the tree I took, they seize my hand and shove a needle device into the web of my fingers. Everything goes black.

I awaken to find myself inside the small compound where a nurse like person has revived me. I get the sense we have been getting rewakened one by one and are trickling out. I instinctively felt like thanking this person but I just try to figure out what is happening. I make my way out as I expect to go back where I came from before the war patrol started.

Beware of fake and suspicious war narratives. Beware of secretive government programs and special “police” operations.

Immanuel Acree

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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