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Faith is So Important

April 16, 2024 10:41 AM


Faith is an invisible commodity. It is something that can’t be seen, touched, or totally understood. Faith is the ability to believe in what can’t be seen.

Faith breaks all barriers of unbelief and steers you into understanding, the impossible. Faith in God gives you the ability to imagine what can be, without barriers and roadblocks, of unbelief. It moves you into the realm of the supernatural. Faith is the substance that brings you into my realm. Faith moves you into a dimension of my love. Faith is measured by belief, and is the yardstick of your movement, towards I Am.

Take a leap of faith, to get closer to me and my Kingdom. I reside in belief and can be found in your faith.

LynL Commentary:
Faith will get you past the fiery darts, that the enemy, might want to inflict on you. For, no weapon formed against us will prosper. Faith gets you into battling the enemy, that also can’t be seen. Spiritual Warfare needs faith, that you will succeed in conquering your enemy. Your Words become your bullets. Your faith in your bullets, is the artillery you will use in conquering that which cannot be seen. Load up with faith!


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