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Faith In What Can’t Be Seen

September 20, 2023 10:39 AM


Faith is the ability to believe in something that cannot be seen. It is the ability to know something, or someone exists without the proof. It is a feeling or direction a person takes, when their soul relies on faith. Faith can’t be measured, bartered or created on command. It is an all-knowing, within one’s soul, that makes no sense to the flesh. For the flesh knows what makes sense, by standards that are not shared by the soul. Faith can drive your soul to understandings, others will never believe in. Without faith it is hard to believe in a God you cannot see, hear or feel. Some with faith are blessed with the ability to see, hear and feel God’s presence. But these children are few and far between.
As the world morphs and changes, know that your faith in God, will be more important than ever. Keep your faith strong, to battle the enemy (demonic). Do not let fear enter your soul. Your faith will keep you safe. As things change, make sure you stay totally focused on I Am. I will be there to guide you.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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