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Ezekiel 13: Prophecy Of A Great Fall – Celestial

June 6, 2020 copy of Der Spiegel with the headline, "The Fire Devil: A President Sets His Country on Fire”

Ezekiel 13: Prophecy Of A Great Fall

November 21, 2020

This picture belongs to “Iran Front Page News”. It is not precisely what I saw but the fire and images at the back are very close.

This is what the LORD Almighty says: “Babylon’s thick wall will be leveled and her high gates set on fire; the peoples exhaust themselves for nothing, the nations’ labor is only fuel for the flames.” – (Jeremiah 51:58)

These were the words that woke me up today:

“America is at her demise. She is at her decline and the retribution for her sins will not be held back at this time. Read Ezekiel 13.”

I got up and read Ezekiel 13. In it the Lord castigates false prophets and warns them against misleading his people with lying dreams that promise peace for their land when in fact no peace is intended toward them by God (v16). God promises woe to prophets who don’t see or hear anything from Him but are speaking out of divination, error and their own belly (v2- 3); He promises to strike them for their ‘false visions, nonsense and lies’ (v7 -8). Please take time to read this chapter.

The Lord also talks of a wall He will tear down, a wall the people trust in, a wall that will fall and every prophet who spoke of that wall as being a hope and salvation will fall with it (v10- 15). As I was reading the Lord said: ‘Donald Trump will be killed.’ This statement I’ve heard many times before, more times than I’ve ever written on this blog. I hear it but don’t say it, after all I’ve said it occasionally and that is enough. But on hearing it today I felt bad, because I’m  tired of how wicked people always seem to get their way. It is always them doing well, achieving their ends while innocent people (or at times not so innocent people), suffer at their deceitful hands. It is really something to ponder as Jeremiah did (Jer. 12:1)

The Lord repeated: They will kill Trump. They will not rest until they find a way to remove him entirely from public life. As I heard this I did not assume “they” automatically means Democrats (as many will upon reading this) – truly it is not good to process things through such a narrow lens. People assume that everything revolves around America when in fact God is speaking of a far more widespread evil than we can even conceive of, evil that is almost impersonal in how it destroys. One day the truth of “They” will reveal that NOTHING involved just America but actually included the whole world. Satan is an equal-opportunity destroyer. But let me continue.

As the Lord spoke I saw Donald Trump preparing to come down from a crumbling marble pedestal- a podium with curly designs at the top like in Greek architecture. The stand was cracked and chipped, pieces of the fancy design were gone and the steps leading up to it were grey and dirty. Trump had his head down, shoulders slumped and he looked very, very tired. I had not known until this election how old this man was (his energy is surprising when you see him in action), but in this vision he looked every one of his 74 years. He looked worn out, wearing a long coat as he does when he travels, and I saw he was preparing to come down from the pedestal. But for the moment he was still there and the scene behind him was terrible. America was on fire.

I saw behind him the American flag not tied to any flagpole, blowing in the wind by itself. It was on fire, semi-transparent and many other fires burned behind it. In fact the whole scene behind Trump was on fire: tall buildings ablaze where missiles had hit them and even as I watched more missiles whistled through the air to land on them again. I saw missiles like big silver bullets curving two and three at a time out of a burning, smoky sky of blackened clouds. The clouds were black at the top and smoke rose from the ground to mix with them in solid pillars like when oil wells are burning; it was night-time but so many fires made the clouds look red at the bottom with reflected light.

There were so many things burning that I couldn’t tell them apart, the buildings were clear but many things lower to the ground were not. Incredibly in the midst of all that chaos I saw people running around! People were angry, scared, hiding or stealing from buildings, some had the flag on their shoulders and some had flag handkerchiefs round the bottom half of their faces like a mask. Everywhere people were scared, running, angry or fighting.

I saw people using civil war guns on each other, those old skinny rifles shooting at each other even as everything crumbled and toppled and burned. In front of all this Pres. Trump stood on the cracked podium with his head down, shoulders down, about to come down from it. I don’t know if he was aware of everything going on in the background but the scene was a good distance away from where he stood. I knew this was America’s future, I recognized it because I’ve seen it so many times before: anarchy, fighting, war, missiles, anger and hatred amongst Americans, most of all the entire nation destroyed and ON FIRE.

After seeing this the Lord repeated: Trump will be killed. It will not be tolerated that he rise again to disrupt greater plans that have been laid. It will not be tolerated that he return to public office to ruin plans that are bigger than he is, or disrupt things set in motion long ago. They will not give him a chance to reappear in history, and the Lord reminded me of several prophetic words to that effect on this blog. (See the end of this post for links).

The pedestal he was on is the office of the President. Once a great and noble institution it has become trampled and disgusting with corruption, chunks of what it means to be President have fallen off and now even the steps it takes to get there are dirty, fallen and shameful.

The Lord then said 2021 will be a difficult and traumatizing year for America. The first month will bring damage and disruptions to the expectations of the American people and there will be outcry, resistance and great anger in the country. Separation will occur between its people and the nation will become weakened from within. (See this post: Ascendancy for more about lack of cohesion in the USA.)

The last thing God said this morning is that false prophets who continue to entice His people with false dreams, motivational preaching and prophecies about this election and about their future, who continue to encourage them to put their hopes in President Trump and make them look to a man when they should be looking to Him the Father of all, He will punish them severely and tear down their wall. Ezekiel 13 says when prophets speak lies, when they “build up a wall” in the eyes of people yet that “wall” is not supported by truth from God it will be torn down by stormy forces until it falls. (Ezek. 13:11)

These are the words of today: 

False prophets will be punished and judged for using lies and human presumption to deceive and mislead people, and the people themselves will be punished for following and believing them instead of trusting only in God.

Harm is intended to the sitting president, harm intended to follow him even into private life – even when he comes down from the podium and goes back to being a normal U.S. citizen there is harm coming to make sure he will never rise again as a political figure. This matter requires prayer, wisdom and intercession as I have always said;

I saw America burning: the flag burning, America in distress and tumult, America under attack, America at war with herself (which things have been shared times without number on this blog);

The Lord said 2021 will be a difficult and traumatizing year for the U.S.A: from the first month she will experience difficulties and I guess more will come after that. This post is directly related to the one titled ‘Little Fires’, please read them together.

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