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EXPLOSION! – Victoria Ang


Victoria Ang

Today while in prayer I heard the word ““EXPLOSION”!

And was then given a vision of a very large USA aircraft carrier ship that was on the water way. And I saw bits of metal and pieces of this aircraft carrier being blown in the air as some type of explosion occurred! I saw this large ship start to sink in the water! One end was still above the water in the vision ,but things seemed to be happening quickly! …… Then I heard the Lord say “ Will occur very soon “!! …… I knew in my Spirit the Lord wanted me to stay in much continual prayer for what will be occurring !Please join me in prayer as lives can be saved through prayer!

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  1. Jesse Terrell

    Wow…4 posts on here—444 Prophecy News—about the Abraham Lincoln being attacked. I have never seen 4 warnings in one day on the same thing. GOD really seems to be warning us. That carrier has a crew of 3200, and an aircrew of 2480. That is 5680 (plus or minus). That is a lot of human beings, and no doubt some are believers in Jesus Yeshua. Folks better pray.

  2. ivan dimitrov


  3. Mary

    Yes, we’ve got to pray hard for the repentance and salvation of every person aboard the aircraft carrier. Precious Blood of Jesus, cover them and have mercy on all.

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