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Exploding Tunnel and Tsunamis – Michelle Katherine Orts

Exploding Tunnel and Tsunamis

December 23,  2021 3:03 AM
Michelle Katherine Orts

December 24th, 2021

Vision and Insight from Jesus to me His Servant

I had a vision right as I was falling asleep last night Tuesday, December 21st, 2021. The Lord Jesus showed me a long horizontal tunnel going into the side of a mountain. It could have been a train tunnel or something that looked like a train tunnel. The tunnel led to the inside of a mountain.

Suddenly there was an immense, explosive burst of energy and a large tube of mud came out of the tunnel filling it up completely and forcing its way well past the mouth of the opening of the tunnel for several hundred feet. The mud appeared to be hot as if it was expelled out of a volcano like lava. I saw great amounts of energy causing intense explosions of heat, liquified mud, rocks and steam.

Upon further prayer and reflection via Jesus’ Holy Spirit, I believe the Lord Jesus’ Holy Spirit is telling me that this explosive event just took place or will take place very soon somewhere on the West Coast of USA, possibly Washington State, Oregon State or California State. This event also involves nuclear material and possibly was or will be triggered by a nuclear explosion of some sort inflicted upon our shores by Chinese, Russian and Iranian masterminds aligned with The Anti-Christ’s Beast Army.

All three of those states mentioned above are in immense danger of extreme cataclysmic events. The Lord Jesus has also previously shown me that a tsunami will destroy most of Washington State, at least the entire Western half. Oregon will be partially affected by it.

I have also been shown in previous dreams and visions from Jesus that separate tsunamis will also destroy much of Florida’s southern and western portions as well as destroy New York City and will affect other East Coastal areas reaching all the way up through US/Canada’s Ports, Locks and The Erie Canal.

Word of Knowledge from Jesus’ Holy Spirit.

We are at war right now, in a global war, and it is being kept hidden from us by those in power over our airwaves and media.

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