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Expect the Unexpected – Cryptic1

Expect the Unexpected

September 16, 2020 12:40 PM

Message was given 9.11.20

Asteroids are coming, moving in intensity – slowly at first then speeding up as it enters your atmosphere where it will do irreparable damage to your earth. The oceans will swell as the earth heats up in its’ inner core, causing rising seas, lakes, rivers to pound the shore, receding and then erupting into monstrous waves of gigantic proportions sweeping down upon anything in its’ reach – destroying coastlines, cities – much loss of life. Asteroids will pose a major threat to civilization as you know it – instilling fear in the masses. People running to and fro to escape from these heavenly torrents of destruction unleashed upon the earth.

Snow will manifest in places unheard of – meaning regions that have not experienced snow will begin to as the forces of nature turn. Expect the unexpected. This will be your new normal. Weather patterns will fluctuate and be diametrically opposed from what you may have been accustomed to. Warning – prepare for this type of weather phenomena. Expect rapid increases of fluctuating temperatures, systems, patterns. Expect the unexpected. But this will be the least of your worries or concerns.

The earth will be assaulted by heavenly beings. They are coming to annihilate and destroy the planet and all mankind. I speak of the fallen ones who seek to steal, kill and destroy. They do not come in peace but seek to devour like a roaring lion. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Many will fall into their evil plans and schemes and their fate too will be sealed. Do not take of the Mark. Do not take of the vaccine. These are instruments of evil designed to remove any form of humanity from the face of the earth. Satan’s plan always has been to wipe out the seed in order to interrupt My plan of salvation – but this will not be. I have a plan to redeem the world through My Son – but this plan is contingent upon the choice of free will. Every man, woman and child will be forced to choose in those days. Do not take the Mark nor the vaccine. By doing so you will place your soul in peril and will be lost to Me forevermore.

The time is coming when men’s hearts will fail them for what is coming upon the earth. You will hear the sound of foreign troops upon your land America – soon, very soon. Be prepared to have your last vestiges of freedom removed forever. You will be under the rule of the nations of dictators who seek to utterly destroy your nation. Bitter will be the tears you will weep and regret will be a constant reminder in those days. There is no safety to be found – only through Me will you find the peace and protection you seek.


I will return soon children for MY own.

Be ready to receive Me

Your Savior Lord and King



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