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Evil Plots & Deception – Caroline Diadem

Evil Plots & Deception

Caroline Diadem

Words from God given to Caroline Diadem

30th April 2020

Evil Plots & Deception

Fauchi is on the steering committee. This is an existential threat to humanity, an international coup, with a satanic agenda, a global agenda for the destruction of mankind. The tower of Babel represented the same thing ‘We can do this without God’ an ungodly agenda, a pride filled agenda, Satan runs on the back of it. But this one is a snare to capture the whole world. A shrewd plan, an abominable plan masterminded and crafted by Satan the master schemer. He will hoodwink the nations, He is coming out of his den, watch how he skilfully works to manipulate the players. He only shows some of his cards, some remain hidden in darkness. An evil villain is he, a tyrant, a tyrannical ruler by nature, he cannot hide that aspect of himself. An alliance is being made. A three fold alliance. He will court favour with many to gain power and control. He has evil talons, he digs them in deep. An evil blow to humanity. He has hidden henchmen, operators, runners working his evil agenda. He is working vigorously behind the scenes, concocting more potions to sterilize to euthanise the nations, an evil scientist is he. Hell is busy with creating potions to release on the earth, cursed potions. I see the demons preparing the in glee, in evil excitement. They create their concoctions for use on the earth, they have the go ahead. Theses are evil vessels being utilized by Satan himself (people) meddling with demonic powers, signing their own lives away and through deceptions signing other souls away with this deceptive plan. Hell is busy right now. I see demons with test tubes working on potions. The devil must approve every potion released from hells gates. His mark of approval, his end game, his end game plan, destruction and eradication of souls. Tyrannical rule. The spiritual fight for lost humanity.

The end game – the hunger games (hungry for power).




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