Evil in the peoples hearts – Sue Piccini

Evil in the peoples hearts

Sue Piccini

Hosea 4: 1-10

The Lord has spoken to Me about the evil that he see’s in the hearts of the people on this Earth. He is saddened by what He see’s and will come up against all who refuse to come to Him in these last days.

“ People of the Earth, you have become harlots and slaves to Sin and disobedient, and as the Prophet Hosea told the people of his day, so I tell you. The more you increase the more you sin against Me. You set your hearts on iniquity and even your Priests do so. Therefore, I will punish you for your evil wicked ways, for you will eat but never have enough, you shall commit adultery and many sexual sins, but you will not increase, because you have not obeyed the Lord your God. I will come up against you and you will feel the full fury of My Wrath. You shall fear the Lord and his goodness in these last days. If you do not Repent of your evil deeds, you shall surely die in your sins.”

“Come My Children of the Most High God, My Bride, and prepare for your departure from this Evil World, for I will not leave you here to be a part of My Wrath. Are you Watching and Waiting for Me? If so, come and be ready to leave this place.”

Your Yeshua has spoken!!

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