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Evil has a face

21 Jun 2020 02:05 PM PDT
Ali Winters

Evil has a face. It crouches behind an ideology, an agenda, a cause. Evil hides behind a mask cowering under cover of darkness; slithering inthe shadows, preying on the gullible, the greedy, the foolish, the short-sided. Deception, empty promises, false hope,pour forth from its mouth, lies spoken as truth, hatred passing as hope, devastation has become self expression, destruction freedom of speech…but evil has a face.

Our nation continues to rock from the evil that spews from within. The wicked, the worldly, the godless, the heathen rule our nation; clear thinkers, sound minds, reason… allshutter in fear, standing in silence as the disorderly, the dissident the anarchist pay homage to the prince of darkness.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness to light and light to darkness, who replace bitter with sweet and sweet with bitter.  You who turn justice into wormwood and cast righteousness to the ground…beware!!

My stomach wrenches, my heart breaks as witchcraft spreads, dailythe face of evil demands the spotlight, refusing to be silenced, organizing madness, hatred, rebellion and lies for those who worship at the altar of the evil one. Evil has a face; satan the father of lies, Satan who disguises himself as an angel of light,the deceiver, the hater of all of God’ creation. Satan ~ the face of evil.

And through his policy he [satan] shall cause trickery to prosper in his hand; he shall magnify himself in his heart andmind, and in their security [those that follow his direction] he will corrupt anddestroy many. He shall also stand up against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken and that by no [human] hand. 

“I came that My children would be free – spirit, soul and body. Free in Me, yet chains continue to bind My people, lives ruined by faithlessness, and failures of the past. Unforgiveness rules the heart of man, hatred refuses to allow healing and man chooses to remains lost in the thick veil of darkness and sin.

I give ample time to repent. I give time to prepare. Warnings are given that My people would examine themselves. As the year progresses the darkness will increase. Sins weigh heavily upon your back, you care not, lies replace love, you do not notice. For those that belong to Me, those who desire to walk humbly before their God personal revival will come. Be alert, be on guard. Recognize the present darkness as a sign of things to come. Do not be taken in by smooth talkers who talk much but have very little to say. Be alert, guard your heart.  My children gain strength for the journey will become more difficult as days go by.”

…the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving so that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, Who is the image of God.

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