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Everything Has Changed – Krystal Beall

Everything Has Changed

March 9, 2021
Krystal Beall

All things have changed. Everything has changed. Look up my little flock and rejoice. All whom are waiting and watching, awake and warning others in the midst of mockery and rejection, Arise, stand. With you I AM well pleased. I know you are weary. My own are weary and cry out unceassingly to me to be where I AM in the place I have prepared. I have heard. I have listened. I have answered. A great divide have I caused. As I, the shepherd have been struck , my flock scattered. Fear not but trust me.

You are held by me. Rest in my Perfect peace. Uplifted are you. All whom love me. Let go of all things. Let go of this world. Let go of it all. Of everyone. Let it go. Lay it down. I have made all things new. Ye shall see my GLORY.

The hour of rushing water has come. Drink of the the water of life oh soul pained with thirst. As a woman in travail who’s hour has come. Water breaks and a river of life flows unstoppable to overflowing. Flood of life. I shall see the travail of my soul and be satisfied. Ye shall be satisfied my beloved redeemed. Ye shall no more remember the things of old. All old things have passed away and the new has come.

Vengance is mine. I will repay. I will avenge your life. I will heal and restore you. I will resurrect you. I have. Trust me. I AM that I AM. I AM not a man that I should lie. I AM the way. The TRUTH. The LIFE. I AM the LORD. The God of all flesh. Nothing is too hard or impossible with me, for me. I delight over you with singing. I desire to give you good gifts. All the desires of your hearts and more. So much more.

Destruction comes. Destruction is here. As an act of my love and mercy to set many free from this fallen earth. To release men whom are held captive in the web. As I burn and destroy the kingdom of man, rest in me. My ways are higher. My thoughts higher. Woe to America. Woe to all the earth. I have warned all men to REPENT. How many have laughed me off only to fulfill all that is written. I weep at your foolishness oh man. In it all shall I be glorified. I AM the good shepherd. I have given my life for all men. I have gone before thee. The last shall be first. The first last. It is finished. All. All things. LORD, how long? I AM sad LORD, Nothing seems to have changed. I find myself filled with discouragement. How often I hear these words from my own in this last time.

EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED BELOVED. EVERYTHING. Faith. Not sight. I will never disappoint you. Ever. Are you ready? Are you watching? EVERY eye will see me. Clouds of veiling dispersed unto clouds of revelation. A white stone. A new name. A heart of flesh. The desires of your heart. My face to behold. Rise up and enter in. Praise me. Bless my Holy name. A new name shall I reveal to all. Come now.

Fire America. Fire. You have REJECTED me. My heart bled out. I wept. America ye shall be no more before me. Smoke and ash. I shall be justified and GLORIFIED. Ye shall be free. My garden restored. A people. Holy unto myself. I have spoken. Spoken yet again. Silence.


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