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Events so diabolical will occur in the coming days – Trupti Desai

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Events so diabolical will occur in the coming days

July 18, 2022 12:50 AM
Trupti Desai

This word was given on July 17th and ended at 12:03 pm.

I believe this word is associated with Luke 12:03

Luke 12:3 Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops (KJV)

Events so diabolical will occur in the coming days

You will see the victimization of the innocent ones

They will be sent to hang in the streets

Shock and horror will follow

It is now time for the great reckoning as evil pushes against the light

The light will overcome the darkness

Have no fear

You have not seen what cannot be unseen

Shock and horror that will destroy your innocence

It is too bad that the stars will fall from their false thrones that they have made for themselves

The thrones of evil will be destroyed in time

Have no fear my beloved ones the time has come for much evil to be exposed like never before

The tides will change and you will see victory on the horizon

For all that was lost there will be a new day and an abundance of restoration

The King will return and you will see dancing in the streets

Saudi Arabia the knights of the round table are given new swords

The swords of Justice will prevail

I have not come to bring peace but to bring war upon the wicked

Who do they think they are!

I have come to perform a mighty battle in this hour as innocent are slain on the streets

What will it take my people to rise from the ashes to command a new day?

What will it take my beloved to stand among the giants and take them down

We are a victorious body of Christ

Not a weak and overtaken lost and deceived body

Stand up and stand together for a new church arises

My church to bring the harvest in

Charlatans are wanting

They will be exposed

All that has been hidden MUST be revealed

Schumer the scammer

Pelosi the thief

You are to stand for judgment

Oprah is about to fall

Clandestine Clinton’s are on the verge of bankruptcy

Money taken will be demanded back

Rothschilds the red headed devils of destruction you will see your fate in time

CERN will explode

I am here to bring war against your dastardly deeds

WAR is on the horizon and you will see much death as the earth swallows up evil

Those who took the shot will fall in vain

I have mercy for deceived will they turn back to me in this hour

Many invitations from Heaven are being sent by my angels

Heed my call at this hour

It is not a time to be faint hearted.

Stand in the force of mighty winds

When you have done all to stand STAND

I command my Remnant to pray in fervor

For they will prevail and the storm clouds will disappear

For most it will be a time of turmoil

It is a sad sight to see

I command you to love each other and help those in distress

Blessed are those who know my name

Blessed are those who call upon me

I have not forgotten my promises

I am a GOD of faith and victory!

Promises of joy and freedoms are coming to pass

Do not look at the dark but the light

On the horizon is a new destiny for the world and my words to fill the earth

I have waited for centuries and this time is precious

Stay in love and faith and joy

Your Father who Art in Heaven

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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