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The Lord guided me for several days, as I was trying to come up with a possible check list of things to come. My thoughts were to create a list that a person could print off and have that they could check off events as they happened. Thinking that the person checking these different items off would be” Awakened” to the fact that they already knew about these events before they happened!! It would become obvious that the Lord had warned them ahead of time and realize that time WAS short and they better REPENT REPENT and GET CLOSE to the LORD now before it is too late!!!! I prayed for days asking the Lord if he wanted me to get this out to his people. All I got was Yes Yes Yes!! I don’t have a web site or know anything about them. PRAY that it might help someone out there!! It would be good for all of us to use!

Note: may not occur in this order

eve of destruction

Download PDF here

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