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Eternity with I Am

November 1, 2023 9:56 PM

I Am your fountain of youth. I Am your creator. For those who want eternal life, I Am the way. Eternity with I Am is spent being youthful in surroundings that are loving with no stress or turmoil. Freedoms that you have never had abound, being free from your Earthly confinements of the flesh. Eternity can be found through me and my Kingdom. It is a Kingdom of light. All sins must be checked out of your Earthly fleshly housings, before entrance into my eternal Kingdom.
Your love, righteousness, humbleness and kindness need to be present. All must forgive their neighbor before checking into their new home. Pray daily and read my word. For I Am my word. The journey is not as hard as it might seem, for I will be with you.
Repent for all that is not part of me, so I can help with all changes needed.

I have spoken of war, I have spoken about repentance, I have spoken of sin but what has been accomplished? War will kill millions and millions of my children, some never having the time for repentance and getting to know me. Many will die in the sins; they have held onto for many decades. Many will perish still harboring hate, unforgiveness and detest for those they were supposed to forgive.
Warning after warnings have been given, but still, I do not see change in the masses. Some might have a few minutes before they pass. But will they know to call on me and ask forgiveness? How do you ask forgiveness of someone you don’t believe in, you don’t.
Things are heading for disaster throughout the world.
Will this wake-up my sleeping children?
I hope you take this time to pray for all those you love. I hope you repent of all sins and do not go back to them. I hope you get to know me, even though time is short. I wish to spend eternity with you. So, leave all darkness behind you and follow my light.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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