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Establishment of a Worldwide Caliphate

March 17, 2022 5:26 PM

Hi, hope all is well brother. I got a single word yesterday which was confirmed in a dream last night. Felt led to share.

I inquired of the Lord to speak to me about end time events recently.

Yesterday I heard the word “jihad” as I was going about my business in the early morning hours.

I thought that was strange. It just dropped right into my spirit. I knew it had something to do with holy war and Islam but I looked it up for clarification and more insight.

In the middle of the night last night I had a flash vision/dream of the ISIS flag being raised to full staff upon a flagpole in NYC.

Upon waking I knew with certainty this was about the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate, which is the concept of a single reigning Islamic world government.

I know this was from the Lord. I have not watched any news or heard any discussion about Islam in an extremely long time. In fact I don’t watch news other than commentary by believers on current events.

It also runs contrary to where my mind has been recently concerning end time events.

Anything I have heard and seen pertaining to current political news recently has centered around the Russia Ukraine and China controversies.

The fact that what I heard earlier in the day was confirmed in a dream later that same night convinced me that this is a critical message.

I also have struggled to remember dreams for a few months and have recently prayed over my dreams asking the Holy Spirit to allow me to receive and hear Him in this way again.

I’m not going to add anything to it but simply release it here as it came to me.


– ForrestFire

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