Eschatology and Revelation 6 confirmations – Steve Holmes

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an 1887 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. From left to right are Death, Famine, War, and Conquest; the Lamb is at the top.
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Eschatology and Revelation 6 confirmations

February 25, 2022 4:34 AM
Steve Holmes

The first horse and rider are the World Economic Forum (WEF)/Davos group. There are 10 financial kings among them working to put a deadly financial wound into this present, 7th head world government, and they will create an 8th “NWO” “head” out of the ashes of the present one. They are planning to seize ownership of everyone and everything, enslaving mankind to their anti-capitalist, “social equality and fairness” doctrine that they call “the great reset.” The ungodly world wants socialism and government babysitters and these 10 guys, antichrist included, are going to give it to them along with a barely survivable “universal basic income” handout in exchange for their assets, freedom and their souls via the “mark of the beast” digital slave tag. To form this socialist world utopia, they will have to deliberately destroy the USA, and they will, as detailed in Revelation 18. Because America and the church refused to heed the warnings to humble itself, turn from wickedness and repent, God is going to allow the destruction. America will not be healed.

The second horse, the red one, “War,” and it’s rider, was released when Putin sent troops into Ukraine yesterday. It’s obviously going to escalate and spread- keep your eyes on China and Taiwan. The USA cannot win a territorial proxy war and hasn’t since before WWII. Two simultaneous wars directly against advanced nuclear weapons states is far beyond US capabilites, and Russia and China are allies. The ten kings hate the USA/Rev 17 whore, and will push for the nuclear attack of Rev 18 that many have already seen bits and pieces of, myself included, back around 1998 with 3 back to back dreams of Seattle being incinerated by multiple nuclear weapons on medium range missiles flying in formation. Each missile had a insignia on it of a red star with a gold border.

The third horse, hyperinflation, and it’s central bank & WEF riders have obviously left the stable and are causing a mess that will lead to a devaluation of the petrodollar reserve currency, which will be replaced by the mark of the beast system. Prices are already going through the roof, supply chains are shattering, minimum wage demands and horrific tax rates are destroying small businesses, government quarantines, handouts and QE have shattered our financial system, which has been running on borrowed money/debt and lies since the 2008 mortgage crisis and housing crash. The hyperinflation isn’t going to stop until those 10 kings force the world into bankruptcy, and then they intend to foreclose, just as Blackrock did amidst the housing and mortgage crisis. That is the planned strategy of the WEF, Blackrock, central bank owners, the 10 kings, etc, as I mentioned above. This is all herding the human race to the Rev 13 mark of the beast slave system, which will become mandatory after the judgments and rapture of the few who are ready and worthy to escape. Note that Klause Schwab, the leader of the WEF, is neither secret or subtle in his loathing of the USA and capitalism.

The 4th horse, putrid colored and sickley, has already delivered the Covid-19 engineered bioweapon to mankind. Additionally, the vaccines are wreaking havoc on people, proving themselves to possibly be another death vector. Time will tell if the vaccines are worse than the virus. Famine, plague, sickness, death from “wild animals,” ie, unrepentant, violent gangs of sinners who live like hedonistic predators are being encouraged by the likes of Soros, who intends to profit and benefit from genocide.

The 5th seal is a peek at the many saints who will soon be persecuted to death during these Rev 6 judgments. They are complaining for justice upon those who killed them during these end time judgments, not from ages past. So heavy, deadly persecution will soon begin in earnest upon the church because judgment begins at the house of God, and the seals are announcements of judgment from God, but not his wrath. Wrath come after all Christians are dead or raptured, except the 144,000 Jews who will be witnesses of God’s wrath upon unrepentant sinners and will be the fulfillment of the remaining second half of the 70th week of Daniel. For those who do not believe in a pre-tribulation, partial rapture, the present tense saints who make up the luke warm Laodicean church will be vomited by Jesus into the refining fire of the great tribulation. They will be martyred and are clearly described as martyrs in the last half of Revelation 7. They have to learn to “love not their lives, even unto death” by laying down their lives for one another in true self-sacrificial love, because they won’t have access to food, shelter, water, protection from the elements or buying and selling unless they sell their eternal re-birthright by taking the mark of the beast. Many will fall away and many will betray one another, even family members. Jesus spoke of that and of these end times we are entering in Matthew 24 and 25, which goes hand in glove with Rev 6.

The sixth seal is all manner of natural disasters that are beyond what any of us have experienced. In 1998, God showed me a dream depicting the exact same map of the devastation and destruction in the USA that Nita Johnson was shown and she published it in “Prepare for the Winds of Change, ii” in 1988. I saw the map in the dream 6 weeks before I stumbled onto her identical map online. I recently realized that the map is strictly natural disaster as there is no demarcation of nor damage to the vast missile fields in the midwest or of destruction of nuclear power plants, military bases, hydroelectric dams, etc. I believe the 6th seal is not confined to only after the 5th seal, and could commence at any moment. Neither does it end when we would presume before the rapture. They are the Revelation 12 and Matthew 24 birthpangs of the visible church trying to give birth to the manchild/bride of Christ that terrifies the devil- hence the martyred saints of the 5th seal. But these sixth seal judgments may well extend through the 1,260 days of the great tribulation and the 1,330 days of the wrath of God after the saints who missed the rapture are martyred along with those who are born again during the tribulation. The saints are NOT appointed unto wrath, but ALL men are appointed unto death, and the wicked aren’t going to fear God until the post tribulation 1,330 days.

Lastly, Jesus warned 3 times in Matthew 24 the there will be GREAT DECEPTION IN HIS CHURCH in these last days. Every time you hear a voice in the spirit, try the spirits to see whether the are of God. Be a wise Berean, cutting the word straight with solid hermaneutic Love and forgive generously and completely. Be your brother’s keeper. Pray without ceasing. Repent immediately of sins. Crucify your carnal desires. Show the world that you love God with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself, especially if they hate and abuse you. Wear your spiritual armor. Do not forget that your enemy is real, hidden, deceptive, murderous and a liar who seeks to deceive and devour YOU. Remember that this world is NOT your home, but where Jesus has you to win and disciple souls. Remember that Revelation 18:20 orders you to rejoice at the destruction of Babylon the great- the USA, where the Saints will suffer terrible and deadly persecution.

May God give us all the grace and mercy we need to endure until the end of our lives, and the love and patient endurance we need to overcome what is now unfolding in the fulfillment of prophecy right before our eyes. God bless you in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen


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