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ER Emergency Response: BECAUSE YOU WOULD NOT REPENT! – Pollox


July 22, 2021 7:26 PM

Scriptural Reference:

2nd Kings Chapter 19 Verse 3 (partial)
“... This day is a day of tribulation, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy: the children are come to birth, and the woman in travail hath not strength.”

Many of you My Children know in your heart of hearts your world is in deep sin, the signs are everywhere but your refuse to repent, to turn back, to develop a close relationship with your God, to choose eternity with your God over a dying world. One that is now beyond repair and must be renewed by a hand greater than man’s: Mine Alone!

The birds are still singing in the trees but not for much longer, for they will fall silent. Joy will fly away from mankind and hide itself for awhile, till all is cleansed by fire, water, air and land (shaking, moving, upended, churning). The weather is increasingly erratic and extreme, but you call it Climate Change. Lies! Much of it comes from the evil ones diabolical technology. The weather outside reflects your internal rebellion, sin, madness, and collective state of being. I AM allowing this to proceed as you refuse to turn away from the Race Of Doom, you are all on.

After a devastating storm, you clean up rebuild and think you can/will continue. This may have worked in the past, but not anymore. Maybe in the short run you can renew, rebuild, re-tool, restore, repay, reprocess, regain. But I AM will turn RE around to ER: as in eradicate, erase, ere, Erebus, eremite, erenow, erewhile, ergo, ergot, Eris, eristic, Erlking, erode, erose, erosion, err, errata, erratic, erroneous, error, ersatz, erst, eruct, erupt, eruption, erysipelas, erythema.

GET IT! Look Them Up, All All Come To Pass!


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