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entire heaven was descending upon the earth – AJ

Battle of Armageddon

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entire heaven was descending upon the earth

July 24, 2020 6:19 AM

Hello everyone.

I hadn’t shared this dream because it was very brief and I thought it irrelevant at the time. But lately I’ve felt a great need to share it non the less for it might bless and encourage some of you as it has done for me.

The dream was given to me some day in the second week of July 2020.

I was standing outside the house, lo and behold, the sky was filled with angels and all kinds of hosts of heaven. Some of them appeared to me like they were elders of heaven because they had very white hair and beards and their robes were all white. They wore golden crowns on their heads and they stood on something that looked like golden platters which they were descending upon along with the rest of the heavenly host.

It was basically like the entire heaven was descending upon the earth it was glorious. And some heavenly hosts came down sitting on flying white horses with no wings. They were all organized and appeared to be in factions.

Now as I kept on looking up at these things I heard a voice that said to me “this is the time to cry out to God”. And one of the horses was sent down to where I was standing and I cried out with tears praising God saying “praises be unto God almighty” because I was so full of joy undescribable. The dream ended.

I believe this is an encouragement to us that are waiting eagerly upon the Lord Jesus. That whatever situation we’re going through now, God is going to turn our tears of sorrow into tears of joy in these end times. The kingdom of heaven will be present here on Earth very very soon in great power and we shall experience all it’s goodness even at the time of great tribulation that’s about to come upon the earth.

Blessings and great joy be upon you all in the name of Jesus Christ.




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