America, Famine



October 30, 2020 4:15 PM

The following was transcribed by AMPotter on October 30, 2020:

The Lion of Judah declares:


Oh Atkinson, son of Adam (Atkinson means “son of Adam”) in the heartland of Nebraska, I am going to do a new thing in you: Your cornfields will lay waste!

Oh Atkinson! Your new name is “cursed” and no longer “breadbasket”. Your fields will be mud and your songs instead dirges that will resound from the center of America to the rest of the world.

Oh Atkinson! On you I will pour a double portion from your own cup and upon your heads will be as much grief as the glory you gave yourself. For you did not give your Father honor or thanks due Him for your bounty. Instead, you made idols to glorify yourselves.

Oh Atkinson! You taught your children to serve themselves and not my Father. You competed with one another and did not lift up the destitute among you. Instead, poor farmers raised stingy, fearful sons who likewise served themselves, abandoned natural affection for their wives and clung to their fathers’ idols.

Oh Atkinson! You did not follow the mandate of Moses to teach my Father’s instructions to your children: to love and serve your Father in heaven first and foremost and then to love and serve one another as yourselves. Had you followed this simple instruction, the Kingdom of Heaven would have been sown in your heartland, and not fields of mud!

Oh Atkinson! You sent me away and said I was not welcome! You declared that I would never see your children again – so be it! Before the fifth trumpet sounds and all hell is released upon the earth, I will take my Father’s children home; they were always HIS and never yours anyway! Why did you not teach them HIS ways so I could send you blessings and not curses?

Oh Atkinson! You did not keep my Father’s holy days but instead celebrated the holy days of witches and warlocks: Christmas, Easter and Halloween. You chose what was right and wrong in your own eyes, on your own terms, picking this and that at your own will from the tree of knowing good and evil and not from the tree of life.

Oh Atkinson! You say you have plenty but you are poor, stingy, without hospitality and blind.


Oh Atkinson! I am going to tear down every idol! I am going to take away your self-serving king of Capitalism and replace him with a self-serving king of Destruction who has no desire for women and worships an unknown god of forces. Your guns will not protect you in his coming days of occupation. Your gold and silver will not deliver you from your captors. Your stock and money – worthless in a day! Your trophies, ribbons and boasts – GONE with the mud!

I am your protector. I am your shelter. I am your deliverer. But you would not have me.

Oh Atkinson! You have raised many idols to serve yourselves foremost and not my Father first as I mandated. Like Jeroboam, you chose your own ways on your own terms. Did you think that the courts of heaven could not see?

Oh Atkinson! You applauded my cross without taking up your own! You agreed with the debasing of my flesh but magnified yours! You did not follow the instructions! Even so, your crosses are here now! Take them up and do not resist captivity, for all who take up the sword and cut off an ear will die by the same.

He who has spiritual ears to hear: LISTEN! The tree of knowing good and evil is Adam looking to his own self to be wise in his own eyes. Oh Atkinson, son of Adam, you have glorified your own flesh and not my Father Who is Spirit!


Oh Atkinson! The rare gems among you protecting widows and orphans will shine like the stars of heaven in my Father’s glorious kingdom planted in their hearts. Even so, traders will soon declare, “Corn and bread is gone from you, Atkinson. All of your boastings have vanished.”

Declared this day, October 30, 2020, to all sons of Adam,

Yahshuah ha-Mashiach
High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek


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