End time warning dreams – Mike F.

End time warning dreams

Aug 2, 2019, 1:56 PM
Mike F.

1st Dream – January 2019.

I’m having a troubling dream and then abruptly the dream stops and within the dream I have a vision of a large brown poodle standing next to me and wearing a white ball cap that reads Babylon 104 in red letters. The poodle is looking right at me and is silent and motionless, with deep expressionless black eyes, and it’s appearance (face) reminds me of Putin. After this, I woke up and was very troubled by this dream, believing that it is a warning. I researched the internet the next day trying to find any reference to Babylon 104. I did find that Babylon, NY is in the NYC area on the ocean next to Fire Island. At this point in time, I’d never been to NYC and had no plans of visiting. Also, I was curious about the poodle and what this represented, and was surprised when I saw the very same poodle in a pic, and it’s actually a Russian Doodle Terrier.
A few weeks later my boss asked me to go in his place to a conference in NYC (Manhattan), that was to take place from April 10th thru 12th. At first, I was hesitant about going, thinking that maybe my dream was a warning to avoid NYC due to that April 10th date (10th day 4th month – 104). After discussing with my wife (who I had previously told about my dream), she was very excited to go and visit together and wanted me to accept my bosses invite, and that we would also make this a vacation.
We flew in on April 9th, and then during the night I woke suddenly out of a sound sleep and knew that I
had to look at the time on my phone. When I looked, it was 1:04am! The trip to NYC actually went well
after that and we did a lot of sight-seeing.
I believe that the Lord gave me the dream and brought me to NYC specifically on April 10th and woke me that morning at 1:04am to confirm that their will be an attack on NYC in the near future and that Russia/Putin will be behind this.

Vision – March 2019. I was laying in bed about to fall asleep, when all of a sudden I’m in another place
and time. I’m one of a group of soldiers that are running on a trail through the woods. It is very dark
and all I can see is the soldier directly in front of me and he has a device imbedded in the back of his
neck with a pulsating blue light emanating out of it. I can hear someone next to the group yelling very
clearly to “FIND HER” and then shortly thereafter hearing a women’s screams. At that point after
hearing the women’s screams, I was very awake and back in my bedroom. I remember feeling as though
someone else was in control of me and the other soldiers and that we had no will of our own.
The interpretation that I received was that the soldiers were those who’d received “The Mark” and that
by doing so had lost their souls and were now controlled by the Antichrist. Also, the device imbedded
into the backs of the necks of the soldiers is some type of AI device that makes the soldiers into hybrid
human robots. It came to me later that the women that I heard screaming and that the soldiers were
after, was the Church.

2nd Dream – May 2019. My wife and I are in a large hotel (similar to those in NYC that we visited in
April). My wife and I, as well as others, are in a state of panic and running through the hotel lobby
knowing that we need to get to the top of the hotel as there is a Tsunami approaching. As we run past
the large plate glass window that looks outside to a cement patio, I see a large bald eagle that has been
thrown up against the glass and has a terrified look on it’s face. Behind the eagle are two large white
elephants, each with hundreds of scratch wounds. At that time, I knew that the eagle had fought
valiantly against the two elephants, however the elephants had prevailed.

After running past that scene, we proceeded to run up the stairs of the hotel to reach the top. As we’re
running, my wife stops to look out the window about half way up (against my protests that we needed
to get to the top). We both look out the window and instead of seeing the expected approaching
Tsunami, we see a view that looks like the view from our recent ocean cruise. There are huge swells all
around us and it looks like we are in the middle of the ocean, as no land is in sight. Interestingly, it is
quite sunny outside.
We continue to the top of the hotel and then the scene changes to me sitting in a rooftop pool all by
myself. In front of me, I see that the pool goes all the way to the very edge of the three sides that I view
in front of me. When I first look out it is still sunny, and then suddenly it all becomes dark at which point
I wake up.
I believe that the Bald Eagle represents the U.S. Military and that the two White Elephants represent
Russia & China, and that a fierce war will be fought, and that our military will be defeated. The ocean
surrounding the hotel indicates that at this time NYC will be swallowed up by the ocean and that even
going to the top will not be high enough to escape (i.e. rooftop pool).

3rd Dream – June 2019. I step outside onto a 2nd story deck in my childhood home in No. MI, as I
understand that there is a vision that I’m supposed to see. Outside it is completely silent, however off
to my immediate right a see a red swirling vortex cloud, as though I’m viewing the eye of a hurricane
from a plan. After seeing this I go back inside.
After a short time, I know that I’m to see a 2nd vision. This time, when I step outside I’m no longer in
rural No. MI, but in the midst of a very populated residential section in a large Metropolitan area. This
residential city appears to be above the large city below, as though it were on a high hill-top or
mountain ridge. All around me is destruction, homes destroyed, vehicles overturned, and it looks like
the aftermath of a devastating hurricane or tsunami. I find myself walking down the middle of the road
in my socks, and I can actually feel the rubble and hard pavement underneath me. As I walk past a
destroyed blue car, I decide to reach out and touch it, because it all seems so real and that I’m actually
there, and I want to verify if that’s really the case or not. To my surprise, I feel the smooth cold & wet
surface of metal, which makes me believe that I’m actually somehow there at that point in time.
I then find myself back in my childhood home, and again realize that I need to go outside to see a 3rd
vision. When I walk out on the 2nd story deck, the sky transformed into a wall of mud for as far as the
eye could see vertically and horizontally. Within the wall of mud, were countless faces staring out at
me. It looked as though they were trying to communicate, however it was only silence and all I saw
were there expressions of terror and bewilderment.
Lastly, I return back inside the house, however it is no longer my childhood home but rather a very large
mansion. As I’m walking through this home that had numerous rooms, I feel impressed to enter one
room that has a tv on. On the screen there are two men discussing something very exciting. What I
hear is a revelation from the man being interviewed that the idea/knowledge to create the
internet/world wide webb (which he ostensibly invented) was given to him by an Angel. At that point I
woke up from the dream.
My understanding of the series of visions with a single dream, is that a Tsunami and/or massive
hurricane will hit the west coast (due to the elevated city on the mountain), and that it will occur

without warning (all of the people trapped in the mud, as well as myself only wearing socks). The tv
commentary at the end of my dream points to the lateness of the hour due to how all encompassing the
internet has now become in our lives and will no doubt be used by the Antichrist to control the world
(inspired by a fallen angel in the dream I believe).
This is the first time that I’ve posted anything like this on-line, and typically I would be reluctant to do so.

However, today I felt impressed by the Lord to share, due to the lateness of the hour.
God Bless,
Mike F.



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